Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well the day has finally come. Are you just as excited as I am....

Here is what you will win...

A pattern book on CHARM QUILTS, and a PINK and BLUE JELLY ROLL...
I decided to go with these colours rather than fall so that you are not limited to seasons.

All you have to do to win is 1. tell me why you like the fall
2. become a follower

This GIVEAWAY is open till October the 15th, at that time I will pick the winner by random generator and post the winner October the 16th.. Good Luck.

Don't forget to go to my sidebar and click on fall into fall giveaway and enter all the other blogs for some terrific giveaways.

Lets have some fun..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well look what arrived in the mail today. My Dec. APQ.

Just the kinda day to curl up and do some reading...Its been raining off and on all day.

Well lookie inside, a full page ad on OUR LADY GO!!

As I continue reading I come along another cutting machine....THE SIZZIX. Well I had not known that the SIZZIX could cut material... I have the Original Sizzix. DH bought it for me a couple of birthdays ago. I used it for cutting circles for a wool tabletopper..still UFO.

I thought it was for making cards etc... I really have not had the chance to use it, since I focus on quilting..

As I continue reading another cutter appears.... The Simplicity.. I guess they are all out there to help us quilters..

Well back to reading..... I hope the rain stops soon.. Haven't had my walk in as yet,
until next time,

Monday, September 27, 2010


Go to Ariane's Crafts.. GO! Giveaway... Good Luck

Sunday, September 26, 2010



DH did down pears, many baskets were given away to our kids and I thought we should can the rest. What an abundance of fruit. Next year we will know what time is right for the picking....
Two of the grandkids picked apples, two basket fulls to take home and enjoy..
So many still to pick. hmmmm apple crisp for dessert tonight, sure sounds good.. DH will get a crash course on making this delicious dessert.

Our two sons came out yesterday and brought their machinery to help their Dad put in a culvert and a new driveway up to the stable/garage. A job well done. While I was out at a fall house tour. Forgot my camera , shucks...

Did take some pics from around our house though. Started putting up my fall decorations..Berry wreath on the front door, beautiful mums in all their splendor,and our burning bush. What a show of red. I love this time of the year.

Hope you enjoy,
until next time

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Click on my scarecrow button on my sidebar for all the details.

Be sure to come back here OCTOBER 1st for I will be participating in the fall giveaway!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Wow todays temp rose after this mornings thunderstorm.

What a beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors. I went for a few walks, and a few more walks....
Am I starting to go stir crazy. HOW I YEARN TO BE ABLE TO HAVE MY INDEPENDANCE BACK. We take so much for granted. I know that DH would appreciate a home cooked meal. Not that he hasn't been doing a great job in the kitchen, but looking after me, doing the inside chores, then the outside chores. we have walky talkies. he takes one out to the stable/garage and I have the other one in case I need him. DH is converting the stable into a garage to hold our vintage vehicles. Our two sons are coming up Sat. to put in a new driveway, and help out where needed. DH tries to do it alone.

Our fruit trees need picking, so I hope the grandkids come up.

Only two more weeks until they xray my wrist again, lets hope its mended.

I went down to my sewing studio this afternoon and cleaned out my scrap bin. THAT FELT GOOOOD. I filled up a green garbage bag , you know what I you hold on to the tinyest pieces thinking that one day maybe.......?????
I need some shopping therapy.

Tomorrow, just maybe my daughter and I can hit some stores.

Friday I am going to our fair, looking forward to that and Sat my sister is taking me to a house tour in her town.

The countdown is on. If you have been following my blog you would have guessed who emailed me. Does Carolyn ring a bell.

So once my brown package arrives I will also have a suprise for you.

until next time,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GO! I WON! and a "Giveaway"


I Won!!! I still can't believe it.

I was contacted by Carolyn @ AccuQuilt,

A GO! will be coming as well as 3 DIES......

plus a " GIVEAWAY"......A chance to win a GO! as well 3 DIES....

This cutter is the greatest invention for us quilters. No more wrong cuts, no more guessing.


HI !

Remember me... still trying to type with my left hand and one finger. so no fonts or all caps...
well my first week was not so meaningful..i believe that i was not in a happy place.. boy those meds for pain either made me so sleepy or erritable. my poor dh suffered thru it the best he could. i tell you that he is the best. he has taken over the house, cooking,cleaning, chores. walks the dogs, and best of all he takes care of me.
this time has given me a whole new meaning on general. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED..... DH had stepped out for a bit and i decided to make a tea. well ever tried to open a bag of milk without the use of your hands, can't happen... had my tea black.. oh i miss my independance.

this last week has given me time to catch up on my reading all of you wonderful bloggers out there.

the weather has cooled here and i'm anxious to start my fall arrangements..
we put my large berry wreath on the door, picked up some huge mums at costco.
put out some of my decorations around the house.....

our pear tree is loaded and they have started to fall. dh brings in the bountyful supply. pass them around to all who could use them. hate to waste. our apples are also ready for the picking.

i love the fall. the layering of clothes, the smells, leaves turning colour. the warmth of a fire. the best off all i love my family and all the friends i have made in blogland. thanks for your kind wishes...


until next time

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello everyone,
Linda's daughter here again. My mom wants to thank you so much for your comments, emails, and well wishes. Means a lot to her.

Her right wrist/arm is broken in 5 places, straight across, a bone that comes into the wrist from the hand and two fractures in the bone that comes in from the arm. Their are also two knucles on the wrist and one is fractured and the other has a chip out of it. Thankfully her wrist will not require an operation (as the doctors had once thought). Her left wrist is badly sprained so it is still difficult for her to type with that hand also. Will update you again soon, I know she misses all of you!
For now she is going to put her feet up and read the new fall/winter Quilt Sampler Magazine. That should keep her busy and inspired for a bit! She should be able get on here in the next week or so with her left hand.
Hope you are enjoying your day!