Saturday, January 31, 2009

workshop Crazy Log Cabin

As you know I cut 12 1/2" blocks from 8 different fabrics for a total of 24 blocks.
(1) stack 3 piles of 8. first pile cut according to diagram. Then label 1-6. see pictures.
(2) take one peice of 1 and put it on the bottom
(3) take # 2 piece and put 2 on the bototm and so on till you reach #6. all #6 should be labelled.
(4) sew 5 to 6, total of 8 pieces. put back on the table in same order aft er pressing seam toward 5.
(5) sew #4 to 5, total of 8 pieces chain stitching. keep in same order with pressing seam towards #4. continue 3 on 4 , 2 on 3, 1 on 2.
(6) you can clean up your tails at the end.
(7) continue doing the same with the other piles of 8 fabric. You now have 24 blocks.
(8) Measure all completed blocks and trim to 10 1/2 ". Put your blocks together 4 to a row times 6 rows. Trying not to have two pieces of the same fabric touching.
(9) You may now add your borders . One inner and one outer.
I have not gotten that far but when I do I will post the finished quilt. Happy Cutting

Pat Sloans weekend getaway at home

Here are my oranges, may have to add more

BOM a tisket a taskit

I have finally completed my first block with Bunny Hill Designs, I will put on the buttons after quilting is done.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Horray ! It worked.

Problems as a new blogger I guess. Enjoy the pics.

Wow now I can't seem to download my pics. Got to get some help. talk soon

Valentines day can't come soon enough

here are some valentines I thru together and a homespun runner for our table . I'm hoping this will bring in some warmth and the snow will stop coming down.

snow days

Well another snowy day her in Ontario. The blocks that I were working on at workshop yesterday are not completed. Ever had one of those days when every thing goes great till you work on the last set of blocks to find that you have run out of bobbin thread and your blocks go out of sequence UHG!!
All eight of mine. Now I wil have to unpick them all. I would rather start fresh . How about you?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Sewing Room

Yes I know I need to tidy things up a little. I was in reading my mail when I noticed white balls of batting. Oh MY!! Fergus my Westie pup had gotten into my cupboard and pulled out some batting. There were little balls of stuffing everywhere. So now I will use this for stuffing hearts, dolls, etc.
I should have closed the door behind me. It has snowed all day. A good day to stay in and catch up on ufo's. We receieved up to 6". My 12 1/2 " blocks are in a bag to go to workshop tomorrow. I will post them Friday. We Will see the almost finished project.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

thought I would share my rug that I am working on. A farm scene. I designed this one on my own. It is going to be quite big. I am inspired by Polly Minick . I hook primitive 1/4 inch widths. Here is another , one of Polly's designs. enjoy

I hope you arenot tired of looking at quilts

I'm busy in my sewing room getting ready for a new quilt here are the fabrics I have chosen and them cut them into 12 1/1 inch squares , do you k now what I could be making. stay tuned I will be showing more after thursday.

Monday, January 26, 2009

more quilts

even more quilts

more quilts,

good morning This Monday sure is a cold and frosty one. -10 f Had to run some errands and my car would not start on the auto matic starer. Had to rough it and go out in the cold to start. The usual monday washday. I thought I would share some quilts I have made enjoy

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I am finally on-line! This is my place to share a little bit about Lavender Ridge. If you like quilting, rug hooking, antiques, gardening, baking and more...I will be posting more soon.

Looking forward to sharing with all of you,