Saturday, February 27, 2010

Your Pattern is Here!!

I was calling my friend to purchase thread for my longarm when she said..... your pattern has arrived.
Drop everything,Plow us out , So dh went out with the snowblower and away we ventured.

I have been waiting awhile for this pattern to arrive. It was in the mail for some time. We have all been thru this at one time or another. I t was worth the wait.
I know it is a season pattern (Crab Apple Hill) Winter Wishes , but I like to start early.
Of course while I was there I picked up some candy.
Red and red and white candy.
The red and white and pink/red mix will be the border on Vanessas quilt.
Here it is on my quilting frame.
I started a little this morning. Notice the striped backing. I'm going to make pillow cases to match.

Then I proceeded to look up DMC web sight so that I could match up my threads to the ones they suggested. Now I'm all set. Oh ya need to transfer the pattern. I get so excited myself with something new.

The snow has stopped falling, so I took Max and Fergus for their walk. They both get so excited.

Man or beast we all get excited.

Well wasn't that some hockey game last night.
I know we will all be glued to the tv tomorrow to watch the US
VS Cda game. GO Canada GO.

Where will you be?????


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today was a therapy day. A Shopping day of course.

While I was at the local grocers they had the most beautiful tulips.

Well I could not leave without buying some. They are orange and yellow.

Are they not gorgeous.

When they finish I will dig them up and let them dry and then plant them in the garden to come up next spring.

I had a dear quilting friend over today for tea. What do you think she brought me.

You guessed right Tulips.

Are they not as beautiful.
Thanks Chris for the beautiful tulips and the lovely chat.

Yes SPRING is just around the corner.

While I was at walmart I picked up some jelly beans for my candy jar.

How many beans fill the jar??
Food for thought.
Have a great day!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun day Sewing

Turn on all the lights, make it bright and forget about the weather.

Put on a favorite song or movie and sew.

Today I'm working on a table runner. The last one I made was for Valentiines 2009.
They work up so fast. This one is for a gift.

The quilt that I am working on for my grandaughter, just needs the outside border then on to the quiling frame.
What are you working on today???

Happy sewing!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back behind the Wheel! Sewing....

Let's get started!!

I saw this pattern some time ago, where you used charm pacs.

Well I had two charm pacs and started sewing.

Once you sew three together, sew three more, and three more you end up with this.

Then you sew them to make one large square. 13/12 " then you cut down the middle. make sure it is perfect or your square will be off. (done that)

Next you turn your block and cut again.Get the picture.

Well after putting together all my charms I did not have enough to complete my quilt.
So to my stash I go and find similar colours to add. Cut them into 5" charms , press them and then start sewing and cutting and sewing. This quilt when finished is going to a little sweetie.

My grandaughter Vanessa. She turns three this April.

She is now in her own big bed and this quilt comes just in time.

Her room is in deep pink so I believe that my colours will just look fabulous.

We had some mdf board left from our demolition, so I asked dh to please make me a design wall.

Our local fabric store is closing and I purchased at a steal enough flannel to cover this 6'x3' design wall.

Oh it feels good to get back behind the sewing wheel.

Now I'm off to watch my grandaughter Adriana sing at our towns music festival.

Have a great sewing day!!


Friday, February 12, 2010


My dh has worked so hard these past three weeks making this beautiful studio.
Remember when.... ........
pulling up carpet, removing old shelves...............
then in went the wood floor. Two coats of paint on the walls and trim, new paint on the armoire and table ...
"Whoo Hoo" its done.

Please enter...............
Here is where I will be sewing and designing my patterns for rug hooking, quilts and embroidery.
My dvd player is waiting for me to watch sex in the city (pun), and my netbook is on to my fellow bloggers.
Around the room you will see my cutting table and the great shelf that extends across the wall. Great for holding my books. My rug (down on the farm) is to be hung beside the window.
To the left my grace quilting frame.
Dh hung one of my quilting shelves so I can change it up season to season. Behind this is a storage closet.
I just finished my new bulletin board,
and covered my ironing board to match. This ironing board was my Moms. As you can see it has the wooden frame.

To other other side of the room, my armoire that holds all my fabrics, cottons and wools.My dh also made me this cupboard that holds my ribbon, steam a seam and freezer paper. At the top I can display my magazines as well as use the cork to hold my current pattern. He is so talented.
Thank you dh you are tooo sweet.

I hope you enjoyed your tour.

Come again............

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sewing room/studio con'td

Well we are seeing the finish. Three weeks of construction.
My painting of the table and armoire are done. Still need to paint my chair to match.
While I was out the other day I purchased this ,on Sale at Cdn Tire for (9.99)
Why not use it for this.
My threads were so tangled in my box that I threw half of them out. So they now are in their own compartment free of tangles.
Its no fun to embroider when you have to untangle all the time.

When we were out last week we went to Home Depot, Lowes, Cdn tire, and Rona Cashway looking for a light for my room.
Can you believe that we had to go to so many before I found what I was looking for.
We found this light waiting for us at Eldon Lighting.
It reminded me a little of industrial.
I hope to have my room comepletely done by this weekend.

Then to finish some of those quilts I started last fall........

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whats new??????

Guesss what I purchased??? A Netbook. I'm blogging as we speak. Now we both have our own computers .. Now I can sew and watch my favorite shows, blogs, etc.....

I would like to share my hyacinth with you. I planted these bulbs one month ago and kept them in darkness. Only watering once a week. Well I brought them out about one week ago and are they not gorgeous.

Well I decided since we were painting the new sewing room why not paint all my furniture the same. Creamy white. (before the finished coat) So two coats and sanding later here is the ongoing progress.
See the red armoire in the corner of our great room,(our old home)This is the before... this housed our tv, well now it will house my fabric. Here it is finished........The legs on this harvest table were teal/red. One coat of creamy white , sand, and another coat to go. The saga continues..........