Friday, March 30, 2012

Mr Dh in his workshop

Mr DH has been busy again. All winter he enjoys working with wood.

Here is his another finish... A Bulldozer.  He made three. One to keep for his collection
and the other two went to a dear friends grandsons.  They were delighted. One boy was 10,
the other was 5.

This last project was the longest and had the most pieces to cut.
Again he made three, one for his collection and the other two went to
nephews. They also showed much delight and thanks. These young lads were
3 and 6 years of age.

The shop has been cleaned now and sits for his arrival next Oct.
So without further ado here is his latest 

                            Backhoe Tractor 24".

I'm just finishing up a log cabin lap quilt.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lost but not forgotten

Ever had those days when you would walk into

your sewing studio and look around.
See all your wonderful quilts, rugs, etc. Then ponder....
What to make next.   I'm quilted out.
So I open my hutch and
a light bulb goes off.
I have seen these cute ruffled tea towels.
They look so shabby chic. French...
What comes next. 
 I have not forgotten how to sew.....
I have my mojo back.

These are made with Osnaburg fabric.
I love how they look like linen.

I have completed 2, 2 more to go.

 I'm going with a frenchy theme in my
kitchen. They will fit in nicely.

Now I'm on a roll.
Out came my blue and white ticking.
made 2 more tea towels.
I added on this cute French saying. Pastry shop.  You can locate this graphic at Graphic Fairy blog.

I love how they turned out.
Who knows what I will create next.
until next time,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

crafting @ Nana's

Well it's March break here in Ontario.

             It's a crafting party here  @ Lavender Ridge.

        Here my grandaughter painted her 8 x 10  canvas blue.
        Then she added her clouds and a beautiful gold sun.

Out came the glue gun and glued on sheet moss as well loose moss.
Then with the green rafria and some pink and purple tissue was added to make

flowers and nests.
Then she started making eggs of many colours with clay.

The fun part was gluing the eggs onto the nests.

Next came the Easter Bunnies made also from clay and of course the carrots.
Don't they look yummy?

Now did I happen to mention that my grandaughter is only 8 years old.

I can see an upcoming ARTIST.

                         This was such a fun craft.!

                                until next time, HAVE A GREAT DAY!
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Sunday, March 4, 2012


                                                A FINISH

                Sewed on my label , binding completed.


My grandson's quilt measures 86" x 100"


Fits perfectly on his queen bed.

NANA got a big HUG....
I believe that was the final acceptance.

Have a great week everyone.
until next time,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nearing the finish....


The quilt is on the frame....Horray.
It's been one of those months when
 your mojo doesn't want to click in.

Doing the happy dance.
My frame is a little Gracie. I can quilt up to a queen.
That's just fine for me.
Here it is waiting ..... 
I kept the batting up off the floor and covering the quilt to keep the dust off. Not really....
Mr. dh is working in the next room in his shop.
Mind you his door is always closed.
Between my sewing machine humming and his saws going
we seem to have a beat.
Another view.
I have decided to quilt  overall meandering.
Not much thinking on my part. I find it the fastest and easiest to do.
I not sure if I mentioned in the past that I do not have a longarm machine. I use my Janome up on  a platform.
I keep it there just for quilting. I use my Singer Featherwieght
to do all my sewing.
I just finished adding on the binding.
So tonight while I watch a movie I will finish it.
Enjoy your day!
until next time,