Saturday, July 31, 2010

Simple Pleasures

This cute little book is by Hatched and Patched.
If you go over to Sugar Spun Quilts you will see what she has started working on hers and her beautiful Stitching. I have tried to google this book but can't seem to locate a quilt shop here in Ontario. I'm hoping that one of you bloggers may know of a store where I can get one of these lucious books.
What are you working on? I have finally finished all my tracing for CATCH A CHRISTMAS STAR by Bunny Hill Designs.
Its been awhile since I have been to a Quilt Shop. Must put that On my to do list and go see whats new. Take lots of cash, will probably buy. I know I must purchase a dresden plate ruler.
I have seen so many beautiful quilts out there in blogland that I'm going to start with a table runner done in a dresden plate and work my way up to a baby quilt.
Its funny how when the weather cools down that we get iching for sewing.
Well not today, I'm off to our family pool party at our Sons house. Should be around 60 of us there today. Talk soon...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Around the house

Here are two plates that I found while out on Sunday.

Can you guess which ones are new? I'm slowly collecting transferware.

Look at what came in the mail today.
That's all I needed to get inspired. So I started a long awaited pattern. Here it is from Bunny Hill designs.

Now whom will receive this when its done...
While my grandaughter was busy doing crafts, I started the long journey of tracing the patterns on to steam a seam. That's the hard part right!!!!!
I love needleturn applique but I am a little, no make that a big , rusty at it.

Slowly but surely I will soon be finished x-stitching . I'm not too sure if I will continue this art.
But I do know the patience that all of you out there have that does count x-stitch and I give you quodo's.
Until next time...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rose of Sharron

Here is my Rose of Sharron. I cannot believe how many flowers one bush can carry. Click the picture to bring it closer.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer (antiquing ) cont'd

Here we are at Curry Mountain,
Haliburton .

We have the red 49 Ford P/U,
our friends drive the 50.
We are setting up for lunch. Take out the tablecloth, has to be cotton and the plates are melamine. I'm here you just can't see me.
I'm the one taking the pictures.

Remember those coca cola coolers, aren't they neat. My dh is in the red hat. They sure keep the food cold.
Our lunches were delicious. Green ice tea in the mason jar. Good idea to bring the watermelon. Skyline Park dedicated by Leslie M Frost Premier of Ontario. Look at this view of Haliburton Village. The fall is just as amazing with the leaves in full colour. We continue on our trip and come to a town called Gilert. Here is the barn that is full of antiques. Many to choose from. Washboards, china. What about that long harvest table all set for dining. Hutches, pie storage cuboards, ........................... too many to mention.

Well I guess you are wondering what treasures I brought home...

Can you believe it NONE. Mr DH could not believe it either... We arrived home in time for dinner. We had a splendid day.

Until next time...

Lazy Days of Summer (antiquing)

We woke to a beautiful Sunny no humidity Sunday.

Out with the old vehicles and pack a picnic Lunch. Lets see, leftover chicken from last night. I will chop up celery and onion and add mayo and make chicken salad sandwiches. Prepare ice tea in an old preserving jar. Pack plenty of water. Need some sweets. How about cherries. Oh and watermelon slices. Don't forget to pack the pickles, bread and butter always go well with chicken sandwiches. Everything goes into our Coca Cola cooler. Vintage you know...

We are off to the Mountain(lol) Curry that is in Haliburton.

I will take my trusted camera and take plenty of pictures.
Along the way we will stop at this huge barn full of antiques. Wonder what treaures I will find today.

Must run,.... take the dogs for a walk , prepare.......

Have a great Sunday!!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bunny Hill bom 2009

I always say better late than never.

Well that's exactly what happened here.

I started the 2009 BOM in January and finished my last block sometime in February 2010.

Well I thought it was time to put it together and here it is completed.

This is going to a dear friend for her 60th birthday.

Now on to the next project.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

around the house

Once again a beautiful morning. The humidity is finally out of the air. Lets take a stroll around the house and see whats new. ( Everything that has been coming up is new to me since we just moved in last November)

Wow look at the size of these Daisys. I think I will cut some and put them in this old tea pot. Don't they look cute?

Just behind the daisys you will see a clematis (jakeoman) climbing up the tv tower. I happened to go behind the tower and low and behold there was this clematis laying on the ground and nowhere to climb. I guess at one time there was a arbour???

Now lets go around to the front of the house and see our new door and storm door. Our old door was solid and orange if you recall, and there was no storm door. I love to have light come in as well as to be able to have air. Our new storm door has a screen at the top that rolls back into the top when you close the window. Its great for the dogs so they can't rip the screen.
Just a beautiful hanging planter on the garage and look at the size of my musk mellows. They are across the front. Every year there will be more since the seeds blow everywhere.

Our ditches are too deep to cut so I let the wild flowers floorish. I picked up this banner the other day just to see the reaction of my neighbor. She wanted to come by and help me clean out my ditch. The nerve....
Off to the side yard we have these wild flowers. They fill in the space nicely.
Is this not a great show of hosta. I can't wait to see what blooms in behind.
And lastly are these flowers that are blooming behind my rose bushes. Any Idea what they are??

I hope you enjoy your day.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Days of Summer

Well this morning around 7 am I started my day in the garden hoeing.
We are in for a few more days of heat alert.
At around 8 am I was finished. The sweat was pouring down my face. Time to shower and head into town.
I never let the heat get the best of me. I'm a shopper...... Yesterday was 104 degrees. Time to stay in.
Not for me I went shopping at Costco with my daughter and her family. Her airconditioner in her suv was not working so all the windows were down. Oh my was it hot, hotter than haitis.

The way it used to be as a kid I remember these hot summers. Kids running thru the sprinklers and only the wealthy had pools. My mom always took us to the park where there was a splash pool for us five kids to cool off.

Well now my kids have pools, ones that only the wealthy had.

So While we were out on Saturday I picked up a pair of ski poles.
Kind of odd you think at this time of year. Not at all.
I'm going to use them as walking poles. The latest exercise. Need to widdle down my waist.
I will post a picture of my new set once my camera is up and working.

Stay cool!!!