Monday, May 31, 2010

Giveaway Postponed

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry but I have to postpone my" giveaway" until later this week. I'm having computor problems.
I'll try to have it up and running by Thursday.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday , where has this week gone

Hello fellow bloggers. Has your week been spent sewing, painting or have you been in the garden?

Well as you can see in the following pictures, all my time has been spent in the gardens. I still have two left to weed.
They say the early bird gets the worm.
I must take heed and get up early to start pulling, digging and transplanting before the morning heat. I don't know about all of you but we have had exceptional warm "NO HOT" days this past week. Last year our summer came and went without the number of hot days we have had this week alone.
So are you ready for the tour... lets begin.. Follow Fergus.
As you walk out of our patio doors off the kitchen you walk into this screened in porch. Off to the left are doors that close off the porch to keep out the bugs. (see Max) continuing around the room , here my August APQ has arrived. Can't wait to read up on all the new quilts.
Going down the stairs now on to the lower deck, (we installed this awning, well what a time we had. DH got one side up then the other side would fall.The air was blue, I started to laugh, not a good thing.) He has no sense of humour.
Now go on down the stairs and you will see my new rock garden and all those hostas that we transplanted. I love my little fish pond. My garden angel watches over.

Now over to the east side of the yard I have my dads old ladder as part of architecture. This ladder has to be at least 70 years old. As we continue to the other side here are some more hostas, black eyes susans, and ????

And as we end this tour here is where I found a home for my
old birdhouse. Right out front for everyone to see.Be sure to come back on Monday, I will be having another "GIVEAWAY"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Finally the reveal.

Well remember this sideboard and hutch I purchased last week.

I started on Sunday afternoon and sanded , Monday morning I stained and in the afternoon I gave it its first coast of paint.
Bright and early yeterday morning I gave it a final coat then proceeded to rub it to give it some appeal. Well I think it turned out great.I picked up the hardware for it today at our local Rona Cashway building and Supplies.

The paint colour is Beautitone, #1475 off white.

A lot of hard work and time went into this project. The next one I will spray paint.
My dh will have to put up a tent and then put me in a white suit ,
give me a breathing apparatis,then let me loose.

So whats next you say, well I'm still on the hunt for a harvest table and chairs
that I can do my handiwork to.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just downright gorgeous

Just downright gorgeous was todays weather. Bright and sunny and in the hi 70's. Don't you just love it.
Did I ever mention that I had an antique store and collectables many years ago.

Well if I did not that old quebec armoir that is a pantry in my kitchen, was once in my store.
As well a beautiful amish braided rug of many colours. This rug measured 11' x 9' feet.

When I closed my store I kept the rug as well as the armoir.

I kept the rug in the basement so the grandkids had somewhere to play. Our basement at the other house was not finished.. Every other home we lived in my dh finished the basement. But not this one. He said that we were empty nesters and that our family room(great room) was on the main floor so we did not need a rec room. I don't think that he thought of our grandkids playing down there. So wrong.

Anyway, the rug took some beating, not in a bad way but the stitching needed repair.

So today we rolled out the carpet on our driveway and I proceeded to sew. Two and ahalf hours later I finally finished.
We have decided to sell this old rug, as I mentioned in a previous post.

Rather than selling it ourselves as I also mentioned we took it back up to the antique store. My dh and the proprietor hung that old rug. I'm going to miss it. Many memories.

But think of the bright side, I'm going to be in the money. Next weekend being our long weekend she gets plenty of traffic and someone may see this for their cottage.

When we returned, I pulled out the sideboard and buffet and started sanding.

Dh took over , my hands were killing me from all the sewing.

Now that it is all sanded tomorrow I will stain, then sand, then paint and maybe by Wednesday I will be done.

How was your weekend?


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cold, dreary, darn right dull

Today is cold and dreary and down right dull.

I look at my sewing room and can't seem to get inspired. As far as my xstitch goes, well it doesn't I have spent more time taking out stitches then putting them in. RRRRRRRRR

So I took Max and Fergus for a walk.

I decided to have a walk around my garden to see what damage the frost had done.

My beautiful bleading hearts were slumped over and my purple irises were also looking rather limp.

Where is global warming?

I have this awful green and white leaf spreading plant that grows like a weed. I think it is some sort of ground cover. How do I get rid of it before it smothers my other plants? Anyone out there that can offer me any suggestions.

Yesterday I drove to Picton to see my oldest sister who has dementia. My other sister and I took her clothes shopping for summer and bought her a new pair of Merle sandals. She would have preferred ones that had a wedge heel. Not appropiate since she does a lot of walking. The doctor says that she is very Agile. Boy she can out walk me.Wish her mind was the same.

We took her out to lunch as well. This is over a 3 hour drive for us. At least it was a sunny day.

On our way back home we stopped at an antique sale.

I purchased this old bird house. I think I may give it a white wash or do you think it looks good the way it is?

Talking about antiques, look at the awesome sideboard and hutch that I purchased last friday along with these two glass apothecary gars.

I plan on painting the sideboard and hutch white to match my kitchen.

I will keep you posted with before and after pics. The antique shop took my antique braided rug on consignment. Asked what I wanted for it and once I saw what they were going for I have decided to pick it up today and try to sell it on craigs list myself.

So dh and I are off to pick up the rug and run some errands. Well with the weather we are having its a great day to get things done outside the home.

take care


Thursday, May 6, 2010



Well all my family came over last night and brought pizza and cake and ice cream for dinner.
Their arms were loaded with gifts.
My two sons, Jim and Bill with Renee and Trish, and Eric,Grace, Vanessa , Mekenna and Devin.
Plus my daughter Laura and Randy and Aidan and Paige, My grandaughter Melissa and her new beau Ryan and my daughter Jill and Jaap, Adriana and Alex. As well me dear dh.
For a total of 21.
Quite the family. we had a picture taken of us all. Hopefully I will get the ok to post it.

I received beautiful gifts.. A large bouquet of flowers an orchid, white geraniums, the most current look, a welcome sign for my garden My new phone, 3 chick flicks, from my dh, A beautiful jewellry box made by Paige, many gift cards from Winners/Homesence and the Bay.
Earlier my sister came by with a gift , a lamp made from a spool, as well as citrinella candles for our patio.
Today my best friend came over and gave me Happy Feet. A box with soap for the feet that contained pumice , a foot spray, and a massage bar. The box is turquoise . Must use this in my sewing room. More pics to come.

Quite the haul eh.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garden Centre

Spring has sprung and off to the garden centre to see what is new.

This beautiful sage is a tropical plant that has beautiful mauve flowers.
Isn't this green bird cute.

Look at all my buys. This is a cute little bird feeder.I couldn't pass up on this wire basket. And the weathervane in the garden.
Isn't shopping good for the soul.