Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cold, dreary, darn right dull

Today is cold and dreary and down right dull.

I look at my sewing room and can't seem to get inspired. As far as my xstitch goes, well it doesn't I have spent more time taking out stitches then putting them in. RRRRRRRRR

So I took Max and Fergus for a walk.

I decided to have a walk around my garden to see what damage the frost had done.

My beautiful bleading hearts were slumped over and my purple irises were also looking rather limp.

Where is global warming?

I have this awful green and white leaf spreading plant that grows like a weed. I think it is some sort of ground cover. How do I get rid of it before it smothers my other plants? Anyone out there that can offer me any suggestions.

Yesterday I drove to Picton to see my oldest sister who has dementia. My other sister and I took her clothes shopping for summer and bought her a new pair of Merle sandals. She would have preferred ones that had a wedge heel. Not appropiate since she does a lot of walking. The doctor says that she is very Agile. Boy she can out walk me.Wish her mind was the same.

We took her out to lunch as well. This is over a 3 hour drive for us. At least it was a sunny day.

On our way back home we stopped at an antique sale.

I purchased this old bird house. I think I may give it a white wash or do you think it looks good the way it is?

Talking about antiques, look at the awesome sideboard and hutch that I purchased last friday along with these two glass apothecary gars.

I plan on painting the sideboard and hutch white to match my kitchen.

I will keep you posted with before and after pics. The antique shop took my antique braided rug on consignment. Asked what I wanted for it and once I saw what they were going for I have decided to pick it up today and try to sell it on craigs list myself.

So dh and I are off to pick up the rug and run some errands. Well with the weather we are having its a great day to get things done outside the home.

take care



  1. Hi Linda..your right this weather is just horrible. We are in the middle of renovations and the painting to be done is overwhelming..so no gardening for me.
    Great finds on your trip...pink is ok..but what about red..lol. Just trying to make work for you..lol.

    Judi B.

  2. Sorry to read that you weather has turned and that you've had frost. Hope things turn around soon. Fantastic buys - I can't wait to see them transformed. Cheers, Ann :-)

  3. Hi Linda,
    We have had cool evenings lately too so I have been covering my yellow bird magnolia at night if it sounds like frost.
    We haven't had any damage and we only get showers not a good rain so I find the ground unusually dry for this time of year.
    I am sorry your sister has dementia-it is a sad illness. My Mom also has it but as long as she is calm and happy,I am happy but sometimes she is very anxious etc.
    I like your birdhouse the way it is except I think I would paint the pink parts white.You did get some nice treasures!


  4. The sideboard and hutch are interesting acquisitions. It is something I would like.

  5. Happy Birthday, Linda! Great finds, love the glass jars and furniture. Looking forward to seeing them painted.