Monday, November 29, 2010



Well its 12 midnight here in Ont.
At around 9 pm I decided to cut just one more block when....
Oh dear my dh came running. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?? BRING THE BANDAGES!!!. WE COULDN'T STOP THE BLEEDING.!! I sliced my middle finger on my left hand. All the years that I have sewed I have NEVER CUT MYSELF...
So off to the hospital we go. Arrive there around 9:30. At 11:30 I left with 3 stitches to my finger. They put freezing in my finger at the base in two places. Can you believe it. My tip of my finger never froze. Just go for it Doc. So he sewed my up, put on a bandage, OH YEA gave me a tetanus shot in the arm and sent me on my way.

Go to your DR in 7 to ten days to have your stiches removed.

So 2 ADVIL EXTRA strenghth later and a cup of tea, I'm off to bed.
Good night all.




Well I have had my decorating done now for a couple of weeks. Grab a cup of java and sit back , I hope you enjoy..

First up the kitchen.

..Lets proceed into the living room.

Then down the hall to the guest bedroom....... onto the bathroom, My Amaryllis is just in bud.. then the office, my sewing room
,and down the stairs to the family room. Doesn't that fire look inviting on a chilly night.
Our treeItalic is all decorated waiting for the BIG day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remeber Me

Hi, remember me. My name is Fergus. These past few weeks my master has been sooo busy I have to remind her to take me out around the yard for walks.

Here I am with Max my best buddy.

You can usually find me under my masters sewing table keeping a close eye on things.

Well yesterday she was busy sewing hmmmmmmmmmm, so I thought I would check out this bag that was on the floor. She didn't even notice but I took off with something sweet... Oh No she caught me , but I just about finished it all. A sugar stick. You know the kind they stir tea and coffee with. She seemed upset with me. She shouldn't of had them on the floor for me to get at.

So I ventured around the GKDS playroom and there is this hammer I always see Alex playing with. Must try it out. OH OH got caught , but not after I took a few bites out of it. Scolded again.

Maybe now she will put down her sewing and go out side.

So here we are outside, in our front yard
. just a few apples left on the tree. The garage is finished. You know it used to be a horse stable. But my masters changed it into a garage to hold our old vehicles. Like the star on the side? The new driveway looks pretty kool too. I have been told not to go near the road.

Here we are running in the back and there is that other building that they were working on.
I think they called it a shed. Look at that horse on top. COOOOOOL.
Darn I thought I could see it.

Well here we are back in the house doing my favourite, barking at the people going by.

See you soon,


Thursday, November 25, 2010



A while back I decided to pull out all my Kansas Troubles fabric.

Over at Freckled Whimsys blog she was having a charm quilt along.
I liked what I saw, so I used my fabric and cut. 150 charms and 150 more, to make into four patch blocks. Also half square triangles. Well I finished sewing these half square triangles and 4 patch blocks. What do you think happened next. Some finished at 4 1/2 " they other were 4 1/4 ". So the next best thing was to start cutting them all to 4 1/4".
So you know how many I had to cut. Some 300 squares (IT SEEMED LIKE THOUSANDS). Some I had ripped out in frustration then found that I was short. So out came more fabric and more 4 patch blocks were made.
Did I tell you that I started this way back in July. Then I hurt my wrist and it went on the ufo table. About the beginning of November I picked it back up and continued to square them up to 4 1/4 ". Well today I finally finished squaring them up. Here is block one.

24 more to go.

Does this pattern look familiar? Can't wait to finish this quilt for it goes to a family member for Christmas. As I post this I have finished 15 blocks. I think I'm going to love this quilt..

until next time,


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I just had to try it..

Well you see my GD drew this cute picture the other day. I have been busy making Mug Rugs, like everyone else I see when a light bulb went off. Ok maybe not a light bulb but if you go over to see Carol you will get the picture..

So I pulled out my crayons, but first I transferred her picture onto fabric and then ironed on freezer paper for stability. Then I started colouring. Of course I had to add two birds. I told you that I can't draw haven't I. My kids used to laugh when I helped them with their projects in school.. .

So here I go, coloured, ironed then outlined stitched then quilted. Of course I added on the binding. This is going to be a cute Mug Rug for my daughter. She will have something to treasure that her daughter drew. How is your day going?..

until next time,


Monday, November 22, 2010

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Friday, November 19, 2010


Gone Quacky or to the Ducks....
Monday I get an e-vite to a nieces Baby Shower for this Saturday..
HMMM doesn't give me much time.
Well this is what I whipped up
Now the pattern is called Just Ducky, But I took my spin on it and called it Quacky.
I eliminated a few of the designs and found that this way I could work on it faster.

I quilted it on my little Gracie frame and used my Janome to quilt it.

I thought the look of bubbles would be appropriate. Duckys in water.
We know she is having a boy. So this would just be a good size for her stroller. 40x56.
That's my grandaughters hand in the picture. Today was a PA day at school so I had her sleep over last night . We spent the day baking Cupcakes and sugar cookies. When they cooled they were iced. We also had a full day at decorating NANAs Christmas tree. She told me that I have too many decorations. We started decorating the tree last night until she had enough.
So after lunch today we went back at it. How come NANA you have your tree already up?
I love Christmas, and the season for decorations is so short I always decorate before December. Here is how the outside looks. My door and my urn
and lantern.
Here is my tree.
Whoops did not get the whole tree. I thought the lights would have shown better. Oh well ..And I just noticed I still have to add my ribbon and garland.
This ballet dancer is her favourite.

What a lovely day with her and we finished it off with dinner at Pizza Nova.

I will have to take pictures of the rest of my home once all the rest of the decorations are up.
until next time


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday night guild mtg


Last night was one of the guilds I belong to. Our speaker was Kelly
and boy did she know her scraps.

She talked about Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Leaders and Enders by Bonnie Hunter.

What defines a scrap? Well to me I think they are leftovers from a previous quilt or project.
What defines a scrap???
What about WIP vs ufo's Work In Progress, Unfinished fabric object??

Anyhow, her quilts were lovely. I took a few pictures.
I love those little quilts in picture frames
. They must have been 1". How perfect each block is. Point to Point.
How cute to hang on a wall or just on a side table.

She saves all material regardless of its size. If she is hosting a workshop she goes through their bins and picks out fabric. Any leftovers she cuts them into 2", 3 1/2 " , half square triangles etc.

She has them by her machine so she starts with two 2" and sews them together.. you know the leaders, then sews her project then finishes with two more 2". you know the enders. When she has accumulated enough she starts sewing them together to make 9patch blocks.

We are all familiar with 2" blocks sewn together now make a 3 1/2 " block. Sew them together you have the start of a scrappy quilt. And sew on, and sew on.

Some of her quilts are made with a variety of fabric. Don't be afraid to add chenille with cotton and flannel with cotton and brushed cotton get the picture.

I would love to see all the scrappy quilts out there. As well as your definition of a scrap quilt.

After our speaker we had a general mtg when our President asked if we had all read our newsletter. She began asking a question and the first person to answer it won.

Well guess who?? I won this cute scissor fob.

As well as becoming a new member I received a fat quarter in my package.

until next time,

Monday, November 15, 2010


An invitation came in the mail. Come to Bell's Flowers for a Christmas open house.

Well you don't have to ask me twice. The event was Friday.

I took many pictures for you all. So here is some eye candy
. Front entryway,
Then turn to the left and go into the stores main room..

Bell's offers unique gifts and beautiful flowers, consultations, landscaping. Open year round in a small town north west of us.Do you see anything for your wish list??
until next time