Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I just had to try it..

Well you see my GD drew this cute picture the other day. I have been busy making Mug Rugs, like everyone else I see when a light bulb went off. Ok maybe not a light bulb but if you go over to see Carol you will get the picture..

So I pulled out my crayons, but first I transferred her picture onto fabric and then ironed on freezer paper for stability. Then I started colouring. Of course I had to add two birds. I told you that I can't draw haven't I. My kids used to laugh when I helped them with their projects in school.. .

So here I go, coloured, ironed then outlined stitched then quilted. Of course I added on the binding. This is going to be a cute Mug Rug for my daughter. She will have something to treasure that her daughter drew. How is your day going?..

until next time,



  1. Very clever, Linda.
    Something your daughter will treasure for a very loooong time.

  2. I Love That. I am going to do that for my SIL from my niece and nephew. She will love it!!!

  3. Are you coloring with crayons on the fabric? A little confused by your friends tutorial. Looks neat tho!

  4. That is a wonderful idea and you made such a beautiful piece from it.


  5. What a truly wonderful idea. I know I would treasure a gift like that! Anything made by my children is a GREAT gift!

  6. That is the cutest mug rug yet!

  7. That is the "bestest" idea!CUTE!!!

  8. What a great idea! I made some quilts with my children's art when they were younger and I'm so glad that I did! Your daughter will keep that forever. I have done some quilts with my sons' handprints that I will keep always too!

  9. so cute. .talented little GD...Happy Thanksgiving