Friday, November 19, 2010


Gone Quacky or to the Ducks....
Monday I get an e-vite to a nieces Baby Shower for this Saturday..
HMMM doesn't give me much time.
Well this is what I whipped up
Now the pattern is called Just Ducky, But I took my spin on it and called it Quacky.
I eliminated a few of the designs and found that this way I could work on it faster.

I quilted it on my little Gracie frame and used my Janome to quilt it.

I thought the look of bubbles would be appropriate. Duckys in water.
We know she is having a boy. So this would just be a good size for her stroller. 40x56.
That's my grandaughters hand in the picture. Today was a PA day at school so I had her sleep over last night . We spent the day baking Cupcakes and sugar cookies. When they cooled they were iced. We also had a full day at decorating NANAs Christmas tree. She told me that I have too many decorations. We started decorating the tree last night until she had enough.
So after lunch today we went back at it. How come NANA you have your tree already up?
I love Christmas, and the season for decorations is so short I always decorate before December. Here is how the outside looks. My door and my urn
and lantern.
Here is my tree.
Whoops did not get the whole tree. I thought the lights would have shown better. Oh well ..And I just noticed I still have to add my ribbon and garland.
This ballet dancer is her favourite.

What a lovely day with her and we finished it off with dinner at Pizza Nova.

I will have to take pictures of the rest of my home once all the rest of the decorations are up.
until next time



  1. You did a wonderful job on the quilt, love how you did it, fun but just the right amount for a baby to snuggle in. I wait till the day after thanksgiving, too much to do for that, to do christmas too;)


  2. What fun for your GD. You are creating many memories for her.

  3. Good for you Linda..I am putting my tree up on Monday. Just started unpacking some decoratons today. I am not sure how we got to the end of November..Wow. Isn't it wonderful when we can spend some quality time with the kids. Lucky you! I am heading out tomorrow to watch my youngest at her horse back riding lesson.
    Chat soon.
    Judi B.

  4. I like Quacky! agree with you about the shortness of the christmas period. All the trouble and effort to put it up and for such a short while!

  5. Your quacky quilt is darling...she will love it!

  6. I think that Quacky is so cute...a lovely pattern!

  7. What a great quilt! It's sure to be a hit!! I think our tree will probably go up a little later than usual this year. I'm not sure we can trust the puppy home with her all day without human supervision!

  8. Love the quilt! What a good idea to eliminate some of the design so you have time to make such a cute gift. We are decorating soon too! Why not get the decorating done early so there is more Christmas time to enjoy?!

  9. Linda, the Quacky quilt is so cute. She will love it.

  10. HI Linda!!! Im your newest follower and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your blog! Love your tree and the Duck quilt is BEYOND ADORABLE! I would love for you to visit my 13 christmas trees and a GIVEAWAY!

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