Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday night guild mtg


Last night was one of the guilds I belong to. Our speaker was Kelly
and boy did she know her scraps.

She talked about Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Leaders and Enders by Bonnie Hunter.

What defines a scrap? Well to me I think they are leftovers from a previous quilt or project.
What defines a scrap???
What about WIP vs ufo's Work In Progress, Unfinished fabric object??

Anyhow, her quilts were lovely. I took a few pictures.
I love those little quilts in picture frames
. They must have been 1". How perfect each block is. Point to Point.
How cute to hang on a wall or just on a side table.

She saves all material regardless of its size. If she is hosting a workshop she goes through their bins and picks out fabric. Any leftovers she cuts them into 2", 3 1/2 " , half square triangles etc.

She has them by her machine so she starts with two 2" and sews them together.. you know the leaders, then sews her project then finishes with two more 2". you know the enders. When she has accumulated enough she starts sewing them together to make 9patch blocks.

We are all familiar with 2" blocks sewn together now make a 3 1/2 " block. Sew them together you have the start of a scrappy quilt. And sew on, and sew on.

Some of her quilts are made with a variety of fabric. Don't be afraid to add chenille with cotton and flannel with cotton and brushed cotton with.....you get the picture.

I would love to see all the scrappy quilts out there. As well as your definition of a scrap quilt.

After our speaker we had a general mtg when our President asked if we had all read our newsletter. She began asking a question and the first person to answer it won.

Well guess who?? I won this cute scissor fob.

As well as becoming a new member I received a fat quarter in my package.

until next time,


  1. Your scissor FOB are really cute. I think it is great that one tiny piece of fabric can become a large, warm quilt.

  2. What a fun night and congratulations on your win!

  3. I am a scrappy scrappy gal and for me scraps can be anything left over from another project. I don't have a size limit and will accept anything anyone wants to share with me. I love to shop but don't purchase much in yardage Most of my purchases come from the thrift store or yard sales. I like to see favorite fabrics show up in many tops.
    It was neat to see the beautiful quilts. I bet you are now inspired to start something new! cw

  4. What beautiful quilts made from just scraps! I started to say that I have never made a quilt that scrappy, but then I remembered that I have! It's a small quilt but I think it counts. It won honorable mention at a local quilt show :) I'll try to post a picture of it on my blog tomorrow. It's a bright quilt, not what you may think of when you think of a scrap quilt, but a scrap is a scrap no matter what the color!

  5. I love the idea of framing quilts!

  6. Great quilts!! congrats on your win...love the scissor fob!

  7. I just love scrap quilts and I too love to take the smallest of scraps for mini framed quilts as quick gifts.

  8. Beautiful work. I love the frames too.

  9. Sounds like it was a fun night! Love all the pictures you took. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Hi Linda,
    Love your blog! I just wanted to let you know that you won a Quiltmakers 100 blocks magazine from my blog drawing! If you will email me at paula@pacificpatchwork.com with your address I will mail it to you!

  11. Beautiful quilts. Congrats on winning the scissor fob!!

  12. Wow Linda...looks like you had a great time at the guild meeting and what a wonderful speaker. I love it when they show & tell their work. All those scraps......LOL.....I'm trying desperately to get rid of me scraps.