Wednesday, November 3, 2010

GO! tutorial Mug Rug


How do you feel about your AccuQuilt Go!
I love mine. Especially right now. I am able to cut fabric out so fast and so I decided to cut half square triangles.

See here how I marked my die cutter.
It makes it so much easier.
First you need to decide what you are going to make. Well in my case I just cut out these triangles and started sewing them into hour glass design.
The mug rugs are approx. 5 1/2 " x 8 1/2 ". I f you don't have a Go die that's ok too.
My cuts are 2 1/2 "
You will need 4 hour glass blocks across ,
3 rows , sew together ,
add you batting and backing,
quilt to your design,
then add your binding.
I went to my scrap stash and used my 2 1/2" die and cut out all different strips.
You can always use you rotary cutter and cut 2 1/2 strips for binding.
I sewed on my binding then pinned it in place on the back.
I turned it to the right side and sewed in the ditch. When you turn it to the back you will see that it sewed in place.
Sure is a time saver and got me practicing my stitching in the ditch.

That's all there is to it. Super easy.

I got a little carried away and used my left overs from my dresden plate die and made more mug rugs. Now they match the table runner. Used my circles and made another rug, and another from another project on the go.
Well I didn't stop there, I made more out of scraps and made tree mug rugs.

Stop by Jodi s for a tutorial on tree mug rugs.

Have fun making your mug rugs,
until next time,



  1. Linda, your mug rugs are great and I can see you're having fun with your Go! Cutter. I can't wait to try mine but have a few projects I have to complete first. I'm making my Christmas list and it certainly includes Go! dies. I know when I get trying it out, I won't be able to get away from it.
    Keep on quilting!

  2. I really really want to make mug rugs this week or next. Love them.

  3. Oh I love it!!! Your mug rugs are just gorgeous!!!! I'm just getting started with them! But I plan to make a bunch as Christmas gifts!

  4. I love these mug rugs! I am thinking I need to make some of these for Christmas gifts!

  5. Hi there! I'm BRAND NEW to quilting. I was wondering about working with triangle pieces - how hard it must be to get them to line up on all four sides! Is that something that is possible / common - to get them all 'squared' when joined to the other 'squares' or is it something 'we quilters' ;) understand will lend some wonderful character to our final piece?

    I'm soon to find out! I'm inspired to try triangles (or try-angles, in my case).

    Thanks for mini-tutorial.