Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remeber Me

Hi, remember me. My name is Fergus. These past few weeks my master has been sooo busy I have to remind her to take me out around the yard for walks.

Here I am with Max my best buddy.

You can usually find me under my masters sewing table keeping a close eye on things.

Well yesterday she was busy sewing hmmmmmmmmmm, so I thought I would check out this bag that was on the floor. She didn't even notice but I took off with something sweet... Oh No she caught me , but I just about finished it all. A sugar stick. You know the kind they stir tea and coffee with. She seemed upset with me. She shouldn't of had them on the floor for me to get at.

So I ventured around the GKDS playroom and there is this hammer I always see Alex playing with. Must try it out. OH OH got caught , but not after I took a few bites out of it. Scolded again.

Maybe now she will put down her sewing and go out side.

So here we are outside, in our front yard
. just a few apples left on the tree. The garage is finished. You know it used to be a horse stable. But my masters changed it into a garage to hold our old vehicles. Like the star on the side? The new driveway looks pretty kool too. I have been told not to go near the road.

Here we are running in the back and there is that other building that they were working on.
I think they called it a shed. Look at that horse on top. COOOOOOL.
Darn I thought I could see it.

Well here we are back in the house doing my favourite, barking at the people going by.

See you soon,



  1. Good boy Fergus, for getting the priorities straight there at Lavender Ridge. Sounds like somebody needed a doggie tune-up! Thanks for taking us outdoors and showing us your yard - wow you've got some great new buildings there! You and Max take care now.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of your dogs and nice yard! You have apples on your tree, we have oranges on ours! Our dog , Copper says "Hello" to Fergus and Max. I just put out a basket of pinecones for holiday decorating, and I know I'm going to have to keep my eye on those! Copper loves to play with pinecones!

  3. Too cute...Looks just like our westie....they could be twins! Dianntha ps ours is Holly

  4. Hi Fergus, Sam here, I so agree with you, I have had my masters for 9 years now and they still haven't learned to move things out of my way...they are going to have to have some more training I guess. If they insist on leaving a big bag of potatoes on the kitchen floor it isnt my fault I get one and chew it up into it!?!?!?! They have nothing else to do all day so why shouldn't they clean up after us. Hugs to you and Max....xx

  5. Linda, too cute. Your Max reminds me of my big black Max, so sweet and he loves his food. Don't we just love our pets.

  6. Fergus, you are adorsble! And just as mischievious as my Yogi! You keep an eye out for nything on your floor, OK? NO eating sewing pins, though!! Polly

  7. Oh my goodness, Fergus and his best buddy are so cute.. I hope he didn't get into toooo much trouble for eating something sweet and then chewing on a hammer. Such a great post..hugs ~lynne~

  8. Fergus, you are not only a cutie, but a smart puppy too. Thanks for taking us on a tour.