Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time for a " GIVEAWAY"

Time for a Giveaway...
For all you lovers of Primitive this ones for you.
Giveaway is now Closed

The very first edition of Primitive Quilts and Projects.
                          summer 2011

Look at these beautiful pages of lucious quilts
Country Pin Wheel,
Willow Street,
Cabin Under the Stars,
These are just of few.

Now I'm making this quite simple,
You must be a follower,or become a follower,
I must be able to contact you,
Tell me what season you enjoy the most and
do you decorate for these seasons.

It's that simple.

This giveaway is open till October 10th Our Canadian Thanksgiving. This giveaway is open to everyone.
Good Luck

Maybe some extra fat quarters may entice you.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Look who came for a visit

We don't live on a farm , but there is one beside us. I guess the saying is true.
"The grass is always greener on the other side"

Just a bit of humour on a Saturday Morning.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spicy Pear Chutney

Pears, Pears and more Pears....

Fall is definetley in the air.

  So I have decided that best way to  make the most of these Pears is to make preserves.
Now this Recipe come from Jane @cottage at the crossroads.
First gather all your ingredients. Hmm looks like alot on my counter doesn't it.
Wash the 250ml canning jars. (12 1/2pint and One large Jar just in case.)
Put on  your apron and wash and core those Pears.
Add all those ingredients into a dutch oven and stir for 2 1/2 hours. You are almost there.

While the ingredients are simmering on the stove take your bottles and give them a hot bath in another dutch oven to sterilize.
Oh the anticipation... Taste test.  HMMM... GOOOD , We are now ready to pour the chutney into the hot jars and seal. Add labels . Ready for gift giving. Great for chicken, turkey, cheese and crackers........
This recipe can be found here.

While I was making chutney I also made 2 loaves of zuchini bread (recipe here) .
Won't you join me in a slice.

Be sure to let Jane know that I sent you. 

What are you preparing in your Kitchens today?

until next time,
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bow Tie Quilt

A Finish.  This quilt was so fun and easy to make.

First I cut  from an assortment of blues, then I proceeded to make those cute bow ties. With a little help from my friend. Here it is up on my design wall already to add the white borders.
I used my leftover fabric and pieced the binding.
This quilt measures 60 "x 60" .
Here it is ready to compliment my guest room.

until next time,


Sunday, September 4, 2011


Do you remember the signs of September ....

If I recall there was a song out many years ago about September...
               Fall is my favourite time of the year.
We still have warm days and cool evenings for sleeping.
The colours of fall with the leaves changing on the trees, red gold crimson..
My veg garden is winding down. 

 We ate the last cob of corn , it was delicious. The cobs weren't large but the cornels were sweet.  The corn stalks as so tall. This is our fist attempt in growing corn.
From one packet we recieved 40 cobs. Not bad.  Now the stalks when dried out will be great for decorating the front of the house for fall.
Robert Duncan Artist

Have you ever tried to grow pumpkins? Well my pumpkins had lots of flowers and only 2 pumpkins formed then died.????  Any suggestions...

Wow! look at my sunflowers... They are getting bigger and bigger every day. 
                      "  I LOVE SUNFLOWERS"

The tomatoes are still producing but they sure are taking a long time to get ripe.
So I have brought some in and placed them on the window sill to ripen.
Our zuchini and cucumbers have finished . But my green string beans are still producing.

On to the the side yard my apple trees are full.

My Macs are soon ready  to pick and the Spy have still time to ripen.
Yummy apple pie, apple crisp, applesause.......

Around the other side our Pear tree is full and any day now great for the picken.
          Any pear recipes you can offer , much appreciated.

My flowers are still blooming, the black eyes suzies are sure putting on a show.

One small rose, Our rose of sharron is in full bloom, Bee balm is flowering again.

Look who just came out of the garden Max and following behind Fergus.

Around to the back my window box on the shed is still putting on a show.

How are your gardens growing??

until next time,

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