Sunday, September 4, 2011


Do you remember the signs of September ....

If I recall there was a song out many years ago about September...
               Fall is my favourite time of the year.
We still have warm days and cool evenings for sleeping.
The colours of fall with the leaves changing on the trees, red gold crimson..
My veg garden is winding down. 

 We ate the last cob of corn , it was delicious. The cobs weren't large but the cornels were sweet.  The corn stalks as so tall. This is our fist attempt in growing corn.
From one packet we recieved 40 cobs. Not bad.  Now the stalks when dried out will be great for decorating the front of the house for fall.
Robert Duncan Artist

Have you ever tried to grow pumpkins? Well my pumpkins had lots of flowers and only 2 pumpkins formed then died.????  Any suggestions...

Wow! look at my sunflowers... They are getting bigger and bigger every day. 
                      "  I LOVE SUNFLOWERS"

The tomatoes are still producing but they sure are taking a long time to get ripe.
So I have brought some in and placed them on the window sill to ripen.
Our zuchini and cucumbers have finished . But my green string beans are still producing.

On to the the side yard my apple trees are full.

My Macs are soon ready  to pick and the Spy have still time to ripen.
Yummy apple pie, apple crisp, applesause.......

Around the other side our Pear tree is full and any day now great for the picken.
          Any pear recipes you can offer , much appreciated.

My flowers are still blooming, the black eyes suzies are sure putting on a show.

One small rose, Our rose of sharron is in full bloom, Bee balm is flowering again.

Look who just came out of the garden Max and following behind Fergus.

Around to the back my window box on the shed is still putting on a show.

How are your gardens growing??

until next time,

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  1. We grew corn one year and the bugs and some fungus got to it, was a shame, had tons of it. We still have beans, tomatoes and cucumbers growing strong, but the yellow squash got battered badly in the storm, so not sure if it will come back. I do have pumpkin flowers, but the same problem, so pumpkins growing on them. Funny, but the year we threw the old pumpkins in the garden, they seeded and grew like crazy the next year, so maybe that is the trick, lol.


  2. Nice to see your pictures. With pumpkins you need to snip off all blossoms except for the one you want to get big. I put straw or dried out grass under the small little pumkin this stops them from rotting which i found happens if left on the ground. You can leave one pumkin or blossom per large vine(or off shoot).

  3. Apples, sunflowers and drying corn....what says autumn is coming better than that? Our summer garden is still producing - tomatoes, corn, melons, peppers and herbs. It won't be long before it is time to plant the winter veggies.

  4. Wow! Beautiful sunflowers! I've never been able to grow them.

  5. We grew a few pumpkins, by accident last year, because we had thrown a pumpkin in the compost pile a year before. Some mystery plants started growing in the compost and I transplanted them. We had gourds and pumpkins! The pumpkins rotted because they developed way too early, and our heat and humidity got to them. I have a couple of pear recipes on our blog, if you'd like to check them out.

  6. Oh that sunflower!!!! Gorgeous....when I first saw it, I thought there is no way this can be real. It is a beauty, can you tell that sunflowers are my favorites? Found ya at Open house party.

  7. Thanks for stopping by, I love your background! To answer your ?, I'm not a fan of pears but I bet you can pretty much use them like apples?

  8. Your Sunflowers are beautiful! Your garden sounds like it is doing about what mine is. Tomatoes are all I have left producing and my sunflowers of course. I only planted Teddy Bear ones and got a few Volunteer Mammoth ones. Don't they just speak fall?

  9. Love the sunflowers and my tomatoes are taking forever too. Thanks for linking to Open House Party!

  10. I've enjoyed my visit to your site. You certainly have plenty of wonderful things to eat; the pear tree looks incredible! Also, I really like the piece of artwork you have at the beginning of your post and the wonderful close-up of the sunflower.