Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taking a break...


This is Linda's daughter typing to let you all know that my mom will not be able to post for a while. She fell and broke her wrist today while out for a walk with the dogs. She won't be on for approximately 6 weeks, unless she starts typing with her left hand only (which is also sore right now-but not broken)

We are all wishing her a speedy recovery; I know she will miss you and her blogging!

Will update you soon. Take care!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Antiquing and a new toy

Well we were off early this morning to a once a year large antique flea

market in Lakefield, Ontario.

The doors open at 9:00 am and we arrived at 9:30.
Here I have taken some pictures of the large area that was set up for all these vendors. As well as indoors. This is held at Lakefield Fair Grounds. We start at one end and go up and down the ailes and then into the buildings. We were glad to get inside for the sun was beating down on us. Sooooo hot.

Once inside the bartering starts. You know I think they like the attention of bartering on the prices. Especially today being the last day. The sale started Friday.

Will you take $$$$, make me an offer one vendor says.. Don't want to take all this home with me.

Well we were not too far into the first building and I came upon brown and white transferware.

Too bad it was too new and dishwasher safe. That gives it away that dishwasher safe line....

On to the next booths, when I stopped to look at some old cookie containers I happen to ask the vendor if they have seen any FW here. Well low and behold she pulls one out from under the counter. "Oh be still my heart" Well this time I took the time for her to show me all the pieces and to show me that it was in working order. Alas yesssss I have a new toy.

This featherweight came with all the bells and whistles. 8 count them 8 bobbins, a manual, a box with 12 attachments, a box with attachments that I have never seen before, they look like springs. They attach to the needle just like our darning foot and this allows you to quilt. Wow

I just can't get over the technology of this little machine. Its perfect... The case is perfect.

I'm in heaven... not quite in a figure of speech. I cleaned it, used my little brush and got into all the crevices, and wound a fresh bobbin with the thread that I will be using. Set the tension and the thread length and put in a new needle. All set to go. Test drived it and it hummms away perfect.

But thats not all I purchased. A beautiful Jug to match my ironstone bowl dated early 1900's.

My friend purchased this singer for a mere $25.oo. She is going to take it apart and use the base as a table. Her husband wants the old machine to??????

So not a bad day at all despite the heat...

until next time,


Friday, August 27, 2010

A new addition

A new addition made with scraps.
Isn't she a cutie. We will name her MAGGIE.

I found this cute pattern on miss-printblogspot.com,

The free scottie pattern can be found on

Denise Schmidt's sight. dsquilts.com.

I used material only from my scrap basket. The pattern calls for patchwork front and back, but I decided to do the back in a solid.

Make sure you check out miss prints sight.

She is featured on Moda Bake Shop. Pinwheels in the House Quilt

until next time,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scraps and a easy peezy potholder/hotplate

Many, many scraps and what I can do with these ones leftover from a quilt.

HMMMM!! A light bulb went off. WHY NOT A HOTPLATE !

I also have some insul-bright left over from my ironing board.

So I pulled out my strings and insul-bright. Started sewing together a log cabin block. When I reached 11 1/2" I stopped. So I made 4 of these blocks. That took care of that pile. Yipeee!!

So here goes,

-Scraps or strings

-Insul-bright cut to size

-make your own design, mine was a log cabin, a string block would work just as well.

- layer your blocks , top right side up , insul-bright and botttom right side down.
- quilt as desired. I quilted in the ditch. Helped with practice. Haven't done this in a long time.
- square off your block, mine squared to 11"

- binding, use scraps as well at 2 1/2 " sewn all together to make one large string
- add binding, then I stitched in the ditch again to secure rather than by hand .

If you desire you can also add grommets to one corner. That's it folks, easy peezy.
until next time

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dresden Plate Runner

Well here she is folks. My very first attempt at dresden plate. I decided to make a runner for my kitchen table. I felt that if I put on a border print it would take away from the colourful plate. So I opted for red binding only. Looks great I must admit.

Do you remember aways back when I started stitching Winter Wishes. A Cranberry Hill design.
Well here is another project done in lots of time for Christmas. Time to gather the neat gifts that I will fill this cute bag with. Not sure whom the recipient will be.

While I was in the mode for making things I had DH cut me a piece of plywood 20" x 35". You guessed it a ironing surface right close at hand.
I purchased insul-bright and I still had enough material left over from my ironing board and display board. So here goes a mini tutorial,
1- 20"x35" plywood
1- 30"x40" insul-bright
1- 36"x46" fabric of your choice.

First I laid down my fabric wrong side up, then the insul-bright , then the board.
I covered the board by pulling the my layers of fabric and insul-bright taunt to the back of the board. then proceeded to use the stapler gun.
Turn over and use. Thats all there is to it.
You can make it any size you like, but thats what was available for me.

As for the FW machine, who knows what I may find or when.....
until next time,

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well we are off on a cloudy Saturday to one of our favourite spots. Many a weekend when the weather is showing rain we spend the day indoors antiquing.
This time I took my camera. Ready at the drop of a hat to take pictures of what I may purchase or maybe dream of.

Then what do my twinkling eyes see." Be still my heart" a featherweight. Only $250.00 My dh could not understand why would I want something that small and old. Please Santa put this on my wish list.....

As we carried on down the many isles we came upon transferware dishes, in browns, greens and blues. Where oh where have the pink dishes gone??? . I have been looking for pink for some time. If I wanted to collect blue I sure could have today...
Many that I would like to add to my collection.

There were toille painted trays. This one was so cute.

Many jugs, this one Alfred Meakin Edinburgh. Just thought this one would go well with my collection. This came home with me as well as
this platter Ridgeway, County Days.

My Dh (clowning around) found this neat barbers chair. Only $1,000.00. I'll buy you the chair, you buy me the featherweight....lol.

Time to go, time for coffee at Tim's. until next time

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

progress on dressden runner

Well I have two blocks completed and a third to go. Oh these were a cinch. I should have tried this pattern some time ago. I'm not quite sure how I will finish them off. Whether I put on borders or just sew all together and add my binding. Time will tell.

I visited a beautiful quilt store in Uxbridge, Ont. Quilters Cupboard. They are all in awe since being picked for the fall Quilt Sampler. Soon to hit the streets in September. I have reserved my copy at the store. Their quilt that they feature is awesome.

I had not been to Uxbridge in a couple of months so I took the detour and stopped in.

Oh my, have they changed things around. I looked up and down and accross as not to miss anything on display. As well bolts ,upon bolts of fabric.

I had seen their classroom filled with new kits on display. A neat runner that was wavy. The fabric was moda Fruitcake. They had charms, yardage and jellyrolls and layer cakes all in Fruitcake. Oh I picked up the charms and then put them back once I saw this wavy runner. The background was brown with christmas decorations. I had to have yardage not charms. Well just my luck. The last yard was sold yesterday. But don't despair , I was told there is more on order. Check back in a couple of weeks. As well, a panel with delighted cats and pumpkins . My name went down for this one.

Sorry bloggers I did not have my camera with me. But when I go back to pick up my fall issue of Quilt Sampler I will take plenty of pictures.

Well I did not leave empty handed. I picked up some insul-bright for some potholders and just maybe a small ironing surface to have beside my cutting table and these four fat quarters.

I know I can work these into a runner along with my charms from kansas troubles, or that halloween panel that is on order. They had two table runners, a wall hanging and a table topper made from this panel . If I wanted the panel they had a kit made up for a quilt. I preferred to wait for the panel.

Max and Fergus say Hello.

until next time,


Monday, August 9, 2010


Well the weather here has cooled off a little. And the rains are coming down so what else can a girl to do but sew.

A good friend of mine brought me back a number of supplies this past spring when she returned home from Florida.

Now she hasn't sewn for some time, but she sure new how to pick out scrumptious material for her picnic quilt.. She had been to Rainbows End. If any of you gals have not been there check out their site. Oh I ooooed and aaaaaawed when I looked at all they had to offer.

Well this past week we got together and cut and sewed and cut and sewed. You get the picture.

This pattern was from one of Fons and Porter mags. dated 2002.

We did not have time last Wednesday to complete is so My Good Friend came to my house today so that we could sew. Just as I thought down came the rain and it was a perfect day and perfect company to have a sew along.

Instead of incasing the fabric like a pillow case we added muslin for batting and added on our own binding. We did meandering quilting and then finished it off with checkerboard trim to match the backing. We had a great day and great friendship.

With the leftover fabric I cut 6 1/2 " squares and then I made half square triangles .

I pieced together three accross and two down . Added my batting and backing and just quilted down in the fabric at random. I used white fabric on hand for the binding.

I was able to make four placemats to match My Good Friends picnic quilt. I should have them finished for the car club tomorrow night. They will be a sweet addition to the quilt. I can't wait to see how it looks on her table down in Florida.

Thanks for the fun time sewing. Its great when friends get together. till next time


Friday, August 6, 2010

Off to buy a ruler

Have you ever tried to no avail in searching store after store for a certain notion.

Well I have done just that. I let my finger do the walking first. (phone calls) then I finally found it.

Lets start at the beginning...

I have decided to make a dresden quilt. I had been on loft creations blog and she had a great tutorial. Easy to follow and had a pattern to download of the ruler and circle.

Well I did just that and copied it on to card stock and then traced it on to mylar.

Then I started cutting. Low and behold I was cutting the mylar as well as the material.

So that did not work thus calling around to find a dresden ruler. I really did not think that would be so hard.

Well after many phone calls to stores as well as fellow quilters I found one at a store north of Orillia.

So about an hour drive north , resulted in an hour and a half. Did not know that the highway was under construction. We sat for over a half and hour. My dh as patient as can be made no comment. Well we finally made it to the store to find out... you guessed it THE WRONG RULER..

This was a dresden ruler, but it was made from mylar as well. WHY??? How is this going to stand up with repeated cutting.

And this ruler was $29.99.

I was not about to spend that amount on a mylar ruler. I wanted a good solid one.
Well the drive was not a complete loss. I purchased this christmas fabric to finsh a bag and this pack of black and white fqs.

I had dh drive to another store in Orillia, just maybe ...

NO LUCK!! DH says pull out the map from under your seat. Find another way home.

We arrived back home three and a half ours later and a half a tank of gas used. Well dh by this time was a little impatient to say the least.

Time to start calling friends at my quilters guild. Horray. Found one and picked it up and have already started cutting. I'm using my charms Prairie Paisley by Minick & Lauri Simpson.

Here is a sample of my cuttings. I think I will start with a table runner. Then move on to a quilt for my grandaughter . Her room is in blacks and whites , so I will probably use my new fabric.

I'm one of those, you know, get an idea in your head and have to start now...