Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scraps and a easy peezy potholder/hotplate

Many, many scraps and what I can do with these ones leftover from a quilt.

HMMMM!! A light bulb went off. WHY NOT A HOTPLATE !

I also have some insul-bright left over from my ironing board.

So I pulled out my strings and insul-bright. Started sewing together a log cabin block. When I reached 11 1/2" I stopped. So I made 4 of these blocks. That took care of that pile. Yipeee!!

So here goes,

-Scraps or strings

-Insul-bright cut to size

-make your own design, mine was a log cabin, a string block would work just as well.

- layer your blocks , top right side up , insul-bright and botttom right side down.
- quilt as desired. I quilted in the ditch. Helped with practice. Haven't done this in a long time.
- square off your block, mine squared to 11"

- binding, use scraps as well at 2 1/2 " sewn all together to make one large string
- add binding, then I stitched in the ditch again to secure rather than by hand .

If you desire you can also add grommets to one corner. That's it folks, easy peezy.
until next time


  1. Thanks for sharing...cute potholder. Isn't is nice to use our scraps and make something beautiful out of it.

  2. Love 'em and love the colors as well!!!!

  3. Linda, you're right. You've made it look easy-peasy.


  4. Looks great, my dear friend. No more scraps!
    Happy Quilting!