Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dresden Plate Runner

Well here she is folks. My very first attempt at dresden plate. I decided to make a runner for my kitchen table. I felt that if I put on a border print it would take away from the colourful plate. So I opted for red binding only. Looks great I must admit.

Do you remember aways back when I started stitching Winter Wishes. A Cranberry Hill design.
Well here is another project done in lots of time for Christmas. Time to gather the neat gifts that I will fill this cute bag with. Not sure whom the recipient will be.

While I was in the mode for making things I had DH cut me a piece of plywood 20" x 35". You guessed it a ironing surface right close at hand.
I purchased insul-bright and I still had enough material left over from my ironing board and display board. So here goes a mini tutorial,
1- 20"x35" plywood
1- 30"x40" insul-bright
1- 36"x46" fabric of your choice.

First I laid down my fabric wrong side up, then the insul-bright , then the board.
I covered the board by pulling the my layers of fabric and insul-bright taunt to the back of the board. then proceeded to use the stapler gun.
Turn over and use. Thats all there is to it.
You can make it any size you like, but thats what was available for me.

As for the FW machine, who knows what I may find or when.....
until next time,


  1. What a beautiful table runner! That's one quilt design I have yet to try...maybe a small project like this would be a good place to start!

    Your bag is just darling! Love the snowman.

    And great idea for making your own size ironing board. I might have to do that...mine always comes up a few inches short!


  2. Your runner looks terrific Linda. I think you chose wisely with your binding. The Winter Wishes bag turned out well too. Neat ironing pad! ann...

  3. you are right...the runner really didn't need a border

  4. Your table runner is perfect in the dining room with all the pretty plates. Thanks for the ironing board tutorail...I like to make one myself too.

  5. I love your table runner and how you did it with just the binding. The perfect accent and it doesn't detract at all. Love your bag too. You're making me jealous with having Christmas presents done so far in advance. Thanks for the ironing board tutorial. I have wanted to make a smaller one than what I'm using and this fits the bill!

  6. That is an adorable runner! Oh and that stitcher bag...so sweet! I really ought to get busy with Christmas.

  7. Pretty dresden table runner....I've been itching to make some Dresden blocks and yours have almost put me over the edge!

    Cute Christmas bag...Wow, you are ahead, aren't you?!

  8. Catching up on your blog. Lovely table runner. I want to do dresden plates one day.
    I am so sorry to hear about your arm. That is not fun at all. Take care of yourself.
    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment on my blog. My son and DIL are so proud of the table my husband made for them.