Thursday, August 13, 2009

lazy days of summer....come take a stroll.......

Well I can't do much more then laze around so I took some picturs of my gardens.
Enjoy your stroll through my gardens.

I just love the lavender, I lost 6 plants to last winter. The Annabel Hydrangeas are just so gorgeous. Don't you think? See Max and Fergus got in the picture.
The purple coneflowers, false dragonheads, black eyed susies, hostas, painted daisys, day lilies, veronica, phlox, campanulas, coriopsis, roses, musk mallows,just to name a few. I hoped you enjoyed your stoll.
till next time......

Monday, August 10, 2009


Well I should have been watching where I was going but............... I fell going up the stairs. I didn't spill the coffee , but managed to fracture my hand. Are we all guilty of waiting to see if we feel better before going to get it checked out. I thought that I had only bruised my hand so I waited four days before going to emerg at the hospital. After waiting for a few hours they xrayed my hand and said that I have a boxers injury. What did you say happened????? So on went the cast. That was last Thurs. My pinky finger still hurt come today so I went to a larger hosp. and a surgeon looked at me. On went a new cast. They laughed at the old one. Can you blame them!!
So no sewing, quilting, rug hooking, NO CLEANING HA HA, NO COOKING. Well that may be going too far.
We are still looking for our dream home.So this summer has just flown by. We had some nasty weather the last couple of days. Very hot and humid and heavy rains. We ran to the basement last night because the winds came up so strong that we were'nt taking any chances. We have been through a tornado in 98. Won't forget that year. I never thought that I lived in Kansas. so, till next time..............