Thursday, August 13, 2009

lazy days of summer....come take a stroll.......

Well I can't do much more then laze around so I took some picturs of my gardens.
Enjoy your stroll through my gardens.

I just love the lavender, I lost 6 plants to last winter. The Annabel Hydrangeas are just so gorgeous. Don't you think? See Max and Fergus got in the picture.
The purple coneflowers, false dragonheads, black eyed susies, hostas, painted daisys, day lilies, veronica, phlox, campanulas, coriopsis, roses, musk mallows,just to name a few. I hoped you enjoyed your stoll.
till next time......


  1. Beautiful garden. how is your hand=

  2. Gorgeous, Linda.

    How long is the cast on for?

  3. Gasp! I adore the hydrangeas. Your garden is beautiful. Ann :)

  4. Chance I wander off here beautiful garden .I am sorry for it with your hand what happened.
    Marika is a greeting. Hungary

  5. Love your gardens...very pretty and lush!