Wednesday, January 27, 2010

another UFO finished

Its nice to have another ufo under my belt.

This was a freebie from Kaaren at The Painted Quilt.

I decided to colour mine then embroider it. Its been some time that I embroidered so be kind.
I copied the pattern on to a flour sac tea towel. I picked up a package of them at Kitchen Stuff Plus.
If you have never tried these tea towels, you don't know what you have been missing. They are great..... Thanks Kaaren for the freebie. Go check out


Well fellow bloggers this has been a long road. I started this rug... lets backup. First I made my design.
Then I drew my design onto linen cloth. This is so nice on the hands. I started this rug back in January 2009. I had been given all this wool from a lovely lady from our quilt guild. So not to put it to waste I started. I cut the wool #8 cut then I started hooking. The #8 cut is for primitives. And thats exactly what my rug is.
Here are some pictures that I posted along my journey.
Many times I hooked and then pulled out the wool, not to my liking and then hooked again.
As many of you know we moved out of our home for a few months while our kitchen was under renovations. We had a major leak and it resulted in mould. Not to our knowing we called the insurance co to report our leak. They found the rest, so hense out we must go. Until I took sick and had to move back into our home. We slept there but ate out. Some may say great but after awhile it becomes awful. All I wanted was my kitchen back. Three months later our kitchen was complete. What a way to have a kitchen remodelled.... Oh yea, I broke my hand this past fall on top of everything.
Then as the year progressed we decided to downsize and up went the house for sale.
We found our current home and moved here in Nov. We are now back to renos but that is great because I'm getting a new sewing studio..
Well now for the unveiling. " IN THE COUNTRY "or" DOWN ON THE FARM. "
Not sure how I will label this. It is 22" x 33" in size

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well we all remember this , well I now have a wall and a door.
But behind that wall and door is my dh workshop.
Now to decide what colour I should paint my walls. HMMMM!!! any suggestions??

I'm going to paint my harvest tables legs and skirt white.
I have an armoire that is colonial red and that will house fabric.
This picture is courtesy of BunnyHill Designs, her studio is to die for.
I would like to make a unit for above my desk similar to that one above Annes desk.
It could house my wool, steam a seam, ribbon etc. As well I have kept back a good size mdf to make a fabric bulletin board.
I wish it was that time of year to hit the flea markets. I need (wish) to find a frame that I could paint to match my room.
Oh to continue dreaming of the perfect room. Soon my dreams will become reality.
take care Linda

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well we finally did it.
Pulled apart my sewing room, and the rest of the room. This room is 18 feet by 13 feet.
We are going to make two rooms. One for dh for his woodworking/workshop and the other will be come my sewing studio.
First we had to remove all the counters that were made by the last owners for her crafts. All mdf board and on the top they applied ceramics. What a job that was.. Next we pulled up the carpet.
Under the carpet was high density foam. So you grab one end and start pulling. you think... Well guess what.. the underlay was glued down to an old floor. My dh saw red..
Why on earth would the installer glue this down when he as well had the wooden nailed base around the perimiter.
So the fun starts. ha ha. on our hands and knees we start to pull and scrap at the floor. I called a flooring company to see if there was a better way and they said no. So after two days of hard work this is the result. So today we took the day off and went to our local building supply and picked up flooring and drywall, nails wood etc. Tomorrow we are to get rain so we might as well carry on then. In the meantime I daydream as to where everything will go. Maybe my studio will look like crab apple hill. lol... take care

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring Shopping!!

Look out.... The weather was quite balmy today. The temps reached at least plus 1 celsius.
Time to go shopping. Look at the cute buys.
I just loved Sugarpie Farmhouses'canister set. Anchor Hockling Glass. I found mine at our local Bulk Barn. Got to snatch them up. The lids are tin. Don't they look great on my counter...
Then I saw this cute footed glass dish with lid, a must have. Was on sale for 14.40. There's this cute store just north of us that is a florist and unique gifts.
Also, my canvas picture of tulips. That sure says spring. for a steal. $20.00
Then I say this rose. Soooo pink and frosted. I could not leave it behind.
Hope your day today was as fun as mine...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Antique floor register

Look what we found.... My dh installed it today into the kitchen floor so that the heat from the family room would rise into the kitchen.

See my crock on the left. I store Max and Fergus dog food in it. The lid got broke over the holidays. I'm hoping that a little glue will fix it...
I think that I have come down with a cold. I'm talking thru my nose..
Time to take it easy. Linda

Saturday, January 9, 2010

looking for a floor register....

Went to our favourite place today in queensville.
We were looking for an antique floor register.
You see we have a gas fireplace in our family room and we would like to open the floor so that the heat from the fireplace could escape upstairs.
We heat the house with an oil furnace and right now gas is so cheap we would like to take advantage of it. No luck.
But we still came out with super buys. My dh bought a large vice for his shop and I bought a blue and white tea plate J & G Meakin est 1912. for a steal of $2.50.
We stopped at Tims for coffee and soup and carried on to another cute shop and this is what I purchased there. A wooden firkin. I think the shoe piece was added after. Can anyone help me identify these pieces.
The wooden firkin is about 7 1/2" high.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Every Girls Dream

Look What I stumbled on.

You know that new sewing studio that I want, well here it is.
What do think, Do you agree!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

winter days

Another cold day outside.. The snow is falling. We are expected to get another 10cm before the end of the day.
I took fergus and max for a walk, a fast walk that wind was soooo cold. They were happy to get in out of the cold.
Trying to walk daily as part of my new regiment.

I just added another coat of oil to the top of my new island . This coats the butcher block.
We added a pine beadboard to the back. Wasn't sure whether to paint or to just varathane.
Decided to paint the back bright white to match the front. I love my wide cutlery drawers and my pot drawers. We had extra wide cupboards at the other house so I wanted them here as well.

I mentioned in my last post , my sewing studio.
Here is a picture of what it looks like now. I will post an after once we decide where my studio stays.

Stay warm, until then........


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Well another year has come and gone. I don't know about you but the older we get the faster time flys.

Just around the corner I will have been blogging for one year. Again where has the time gone.
A big thank you to all my followers. I read your blogs as well and I would love to comment on them all.
We are still getting settled in to our new place.
Our addition to the kitchen (new island) is in.
We are still looking for that perfect table and chairs. Pine farmhouse table with windsor chairs. Maybe in an off white patina.
I have spent a whole day on rearranging our closets and linens.
Dh and I have two closets. One for our winter clothing and one for our summer. Actually another for our suits and dresses. How many closets do you take up??

My sewing studio is still not complete. Dh needs a workshop for his woodworking.
Our basement is completely finished , so we need to take up carpet and put up walls, to make two rooms.
I wonder who will get the bigger of the two???? I think we know lol

I started back on my rug hooking, and came to a fast halt. I have run out of sky blue. Oh my whats a girl to do.
E-Bay here I come... great buys on wool in bulk

Any resolutions you ask... Well I have started walking Fergus and Max daily.
At our other home they ran the property and I did not like to walk on our country road. The horse trailers sped by too fast.

I can't locate my scale. So I did the next best thing and took my meaurements. An ad said to measure your waist and if it is over 35" its time to get moving. Well guess what I'm 2" over. ugh!! Oh I hate to diet. I think it is a fear of loss. So I look at it as eating healthy and watching my portions.
I 'm addicted to sugar. I couldn't care less about chips, dip etc. Give me licorice allsorts and I would eat it all.
Time to clear out my pantry for all candy, sugar (homemade shortbread) .

Anyone else out there that is starting their new year watching their waistline. Any helpful ideas . Bring them on....

Enjoy your weekend.