Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well fellow bloggers this has been a long road. I started this rug... lets backup. First I made my design.
Then I drew my design onto linen cloth. This is so nice on the hands. I started this rug back in January 2009. I had been given all this wool from a lovely lady from our quilt guild. So not to put it to waste I started. I cut the wool #8 cut then I started hooking. The #8 cut is for primitives. And thats exactly what my rug is.
Here are some pictures that I posted along my journey.
Many times I hooked and then pulled out the wool, not to my liking and then hooked again.
As many of you know we moved out of our home for a few months while our kitchen was under renovations. We had a major leak and it resulted in mould. Not to our knowing we called the insurance co to report our leak. They found the rest, so hense out we must go. Until I took sick and had to move back into our home. We slept there but ate out. Some may say great but after awhile it becomes awful. All I wanted was my kitchen back. Three months later our kitchen was complete. What a way to have a kitchen remodelled.... Oh yea, I broke my hand this past fall on top of everything.
Then as the year progressed we decided to downsize and up went the house for sale.
We found our current home and moved here in Nov. We are now back to renos but that is great because I'm getting a new sewing studio..
Well now for the unveiling. " IN THE COUNTRY "or" DOWN ON THE FARM. "
Not sure how I will label this. It is 22" x 33" in size


  1. Very Cool. The rug came out wonderfully.

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous, Linda and well worth the wait. Great job!

  3. Fabulous! It looks great. You have had quite the journey last year so let's hope this year is filled with good things. Ann :-)

  4. That is too cool! Rug there's something I haven't learned...yet. I'm envious.

  5. Linda

    You did a beautiful job on the day I will get started..

    Chris Dudley