Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Well another year has come and gone. I don't know about you but the older we get the faster time flys.

Just around the corner I will have been blogging for one year. Again where has the time gone.
A big thank you to all my followers. I read your blogs as well and I would love to comment on them all.
We are still getting settled in to our new place.
Our addition to the kitchen (new island) is in.
We are still looking for that perfect table and chairs. Pine farmhouse table with windsor chairs. Maybe in an off white patina.
I have spent a whole day on rearranging our closets and linens.
Dh and I have two closets. One for our winter clothing and one for our summer. Actually another for our suits and dresses. How many closets do you take up??

My sewing studio is still not complete. Dh needs a workshop for his woodworking.
Our basement is completely finished , so we need to take up carpet and put up walls, to make two rooms.
I wonder who will get the bigger of the two???? I think we know lol

I started back on my rug hooking, and came to a fast halt. I have run out of sky blue. Oh my whats a girl to do.
E-Bay here I come... great buys on wool in bulk

Any resolutions you ask... Well I have started walking Fergus and Max daily.
At our other home they ran the property and I did not like to walk on our country road. The horse trailers sped by too fast.

I can't locate my scale. So I did the next best thing and took my meaurements. An ad said to measure your waist and if it is over 35" its time to get moving. Well guess what I'm 2" over. ugh!! Oh I hate to diet. I think it is a fear of loss. So I look at it as eating healthy and watching my portions.
I 'm addicted to sugar. I couldn't care less about chips, dip etc. Give me licorice allsorts and I would eat it all.
Time to clear out my pantry for all candy, sugar (homemade shortbread) .

Anyone else out there that is starting their new year watching their waistline. Any helpful ideas . Bring them on....

Enjoy your weekend.



  1. Happy New Year Linda! 2009 was supersonic so let's hope 2010 proceeds at a more orderly pace (though I dubt it!). Ann :-)

  2. I am trying to manage my poor eating habits and thus bring the weight under control. Actually I began in Sept. and made progress but took a break from it during the holidays, couldn't avoid all those wonderful treats ;)
    We are the same age. Don't you think it's somewhat harder than it was years ago? Seems to me it is.
    Happy new year to you.