Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring Shopping!!

Look out.... The weather was quite balmy today. The temps reached at least plus 1 celsius.
Time to go shopping. Look at the cute buys.
I just loved Sugarpie Farmhouses'canister set. Anchor Hockling Glass. I found mine at our local Bulk Barn. Got to snatch them up. The lids are tin. Don't they look great on my counter...
Then I saw this cute footed glass dish with lid, a must have. Was on sale for 14.40. There's this cute store just north of us that is a florist and unique gifts.
Also, my canvas picture of tulips. That sure says spring. for a steal. $20.00
Then I say this rose. Soooo pink and frosted. I could not leave it behind.
Hope your day today was as fun as mine...


  1. You did hit the the jars! Dianntha

  2. What great buys. It is so much fun to find new deals. Always puts a smile on my face too.

  3. Wow. You got some good deals. I love the jars! I put all of my foods in jars.

  4. Great buys Linda! I'm looking for just that glass footed dish and dome here. Ann :-)

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