Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well we all remember this , well I now have a wall and a door.
But behind that wall and door is my dh workshop.
Now to decide what colour I should paint my walls. HMMMM!!! any suggestions??

I'm going to paint my harvest tables legs and skirt white.
I have an armoire that is colonial red and that will house fabric.
This picture is courtesy of BunnyHill Designs, her studio is to die for.
I would like to make a unit for above my desk similar to that one above Annes desk.
It could house my wool, steam a seam, ribbon etc. As well I have kept back a good size mdf to make a fabric bulletin board.
I wish it was that time of year to hit the flea markets. I need (wish) to find a frame that I could paint to match my room.
Oh to continue dreaming of the perfect room. Soon my dreams will become reality.
take care Linda


  1. I would go for a neutral colour and decorate with coloured accents. That way you can change the colours anytime you fancy. Ann's studio space is wonderful. She's a lucky girl. Ann :-)