Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's New! Giveaway!!

Well what have I been up to you ask.

I have had my dh cut me 5" squares so that I could continue with my
quilt that I started be fore my fall. I can do chain piecing. But no cutting.

I'm working on a pattern from blog.

My wrist is still swollen , I work every 2 hours or so trying to bend it, working on my fingers and the palm of my hand doing strengthening exercises. I'm afraid this is going to be a long process.
But don't despair. Keep my chin up and I will conquer this. I am determined to get full motion. I have too. My x-stitch waits to be finished, quilts, rug hooking.

My GO! I took it to the guild mtg . Had fun demonstrating it. Sew many girls are interested in it. I'm going to have some over to play and who knows what we will accomplish. Maybe a quilt or two from this new book I just purchased.

In the meantime, I think its time for an early Christmas giveaway.

How about a paper pieced snowman kit. I would love to hear the many ways that you could use this kit.

I put mine into a pillow last year.

The rules are simple.

You must be a follower of my blog to qualify for this giveaway.

New followers are welcome.

Leave me a comment on this post telling me so. I will announce the Winner NOVEMBER 1/

Have a great weekend.

Until next time, Linda


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blazing Star cont'd

Out came the GO cutter and my 2 1/2 "
strip die. Now I found that when I rolled from left to right with my left hand that seemed smoother. I did find that I had to place my fabric just so or the strips were not completely cut.
Once I got that sorted out I began to cut out 1 1/2" strips for my inner border. Once I had them in place I cut my 2 1/2 " blocks die that came free with the GO. I made sure I cut lots of those they always come in handy...
I first sewed on the outside 2 1/2' strip to the top and bottom. Then on went the 2 1/2 " corner blocks to the other 2 1/2" strips to complete my sides. Now my pillow top measures 18" square.

Oh I have been having so much fun using my Go.
These were some questions asked by fellow bloggers. How hard was it to roll? EASY
Would you recommend the GO. DEFINITELY
Would you continue using your go. YES

Hmmmm, what will I cut out next....
until next time



Before I announce the winner, I want to thank all of you who entered

and all of my new Followers who decided to come on board.

I have gone to each and every blog and visited.

This has been so much fun! I want to thank Debi for hosting this years fall giveaway.

Drumroll..... Random Generator # please #213....

JANET, you are the lucky winner of my giveaway. I will be contacting Janet for her mailing address.


Thursday, October 14, 2010



As you recall in my previous post. I went down to my sewing studio. Well I did just that.. I opened the GO !

opened the die Blazing Star and my mat.

Then I opened my cupboard to my stash and a light bulb went off. Lets do a christmas pillow. These are the fabrics I chose
Then I set upon cutting out my strips so that they went over each die. About 8" x 4" was used. I followed the EASY INSTRUCTIONS. On went the mat, then I started rolling the die through. Do you notice that I'm using my left hand. Yes, its that EASY. With my right hand still out of commission this was an excellent test. I turned the handle and it went through with a little firmness.

I removed the mat, die shapes, and the excess fabric. Added more fabric till the process was done.
Then I started to lay out my pattern.

Once this was done off to the sewing machine. I always start with a leader and finish with an ender.
As Eleanor Burns shows chain piecing is the way to go. So fast. Once my sewing was done, I set my seams then pressed to the dark side.
Now to assemble the blocks. This is such a time saving tool. I'm very happy with my GO! Cutter. The possibilities are endless.

It took me a total of two hours from start to finish.
There were a few interruptions, like Fergus and Max . Phone calls, the post lady at the door......

Tomorrow I plan on using the 2 1/2" strip cutter and make my borders and I will use the free 2 1/2 " block die that came with my GO Cutter to finish up this cushion cover.

I cannot thank Carolyn from Accuquilt enough for choosing my blog to demonstrate this outstanding machine...

until then,
take care,


Knock, knock on my door. Our post lady with a package.. for me??
Oh it feels like Xmas... I get so excited when I get mail.

I open up the box and find this lovely card and gift. I rip off the paper and wow a gorgeous bag and material to be used as a wallet. Oh my gosh . Thanks Sandy..
Sandy from She and I were in PIF last year. I had totally forgotten , but not Sandy..

I totally see myself next summer in a sundress, open toed sandles and this bag...

Well I'm GOing to my sewing studio to explore my new GO .

Well I ponder as to which die I will use for my tutorial and I have chosen this one
Eleanor Burns Blazing Star..
So come along for the ride.. See you soon.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have been tracking UPS since the 7th of Oct. and who appears but the big brown truck...
My heart is beating OH MY GOSH , could it be... YESSSS, Hurry now don't drop it I instruct DH. Put it here.
I scramble to pull off the tape and pull out the packaging and its like a BRIGHT LIGHT my GO! has come home..Now will you take a ride with me....
I'm on such a high right now..

Just came back from my physio on my hand and wrist.. I have a lot of exercises to do to bring my hand back to full working capacity. I can do it... Nothing will hold me back now. Must get better ..
Stay tuned in folks, there will be lots of excitement happening here at lavenderridge

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I feel like dancing!! MY Cast is off

Horray ! My cast is off.. Now I can dance the night away.. OR SEW THE NIGHT AWAY!

I have on a splint to help with the healing and start physio on Oct 13th. Boy I know that is going to hurt. Not that I can't stand pain but....

I bought these delicious cakes(cookies) that I had seen on someones blog... OHHHH are they good. Betcha can't eat just one... My downfall is candycorn.That's why it's in a glass jar that I have a hard time getting off the lid with one hand...

This weekend is our Thanksgiving. So I thought I would share with you a recipe. I'm not sure what its called but they sure are good squares.. 1- 10 x10 pan, add graham crumbs with butter and pat on bottom.

Then add coconut, choc chips, butterscotch chips, crushed pecans, then top it with sweetened milk.
Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.
Cool and cut into squares.

Thought I would make something with pumpkin..Ha ha fooled ya..


Don't forget to enter my fall into fall giveaway. Go to my scarecrow on my sidebar and enter.

Good luck to all those that enter, and remember if you are a noreply I will have to delete your entry. I need to be able to reach you if you win..