Thursday, October 14, 2010



As you recall in my previous post. I went down to my sewing studio. Well I did just that.. I opened the GO !

opened the die Blazing Star and my mat.

Then I opened my cupboard to my stash and a light bulb went off. Lets do a christmas pillow. These are the fabrics I chose
Then I set upon cutting out my strips so that they went over each die. About 8" x 4" was used. I followed the EASY INSTRUCTIONS. On went the mat, then I started rolling the die through. Do you notice that I'm using my left hand. Yes, its that EASY. With my right hand still out of commission this was an excellent test. I turned the handle and it went through with a little firmness.

I removed the mat, die shapes, and the excess fabric. Added more fabric till the process was done.
Then I started to lay out my pattern.

Once this was done off to the sewing machine. I always start with a leader and finish with an ender.
As Eleanor Burns shows chain piecing is the way to go. So fast. Once my sewing was done, I set my seams then pressed to the dark side.
Now to assemble the blocks. This is such a time saving tool. I'm very happy with my GO! Cutter. The possibilities are endless.

It took me a total of two hours from start to finish.
There were a few interruptions, like Fergus and Max . Phone calls, the post lady at the door......

Tomorrow I plan on using the 2 1/2" strip cutter and make my borders and I will use the free 2 1/2 " block die that came with my GO Cutter to finish up this cushion cover.

I cannot thank Carolyn from Accuquilt enough for choosing my blog to demonstrate this outstanding machine...

until then,
take care,


  1. Its gorgeous and so right in time for Xmas.

  2. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial!! Love it!

  3. Very clear and uncomplicated tutorial! I do like this block, I may have to add this die to my GO! dies!

  4. Wow! So easy!! I'm not going to lie, I am jealous! I really want one!!! Maybe one giveaway I can win one!

  5. Oh Goodness, Linda, this is just lovely. What a wonderful pillow it is going to make. Keep having fun. Winona

  6. Oh my! That star is beautiful!!! What a wonderful tool, the drool factor just rose quite considerably ....must acquire a Go! cutter!!! Thanks for sharing your project with us!

  7. What a fantastic idea...Your star looks great..
    Hope the hand gets better real soon..
    Hugs.. :-)

  8. WOW! Two hours!?
    The block looks beautiful :D

  9. That is fantastic! I made a 6 point compass, paper pieced and it took me the better part of a day to do. I think I know what my family will be getting me for Christmas this year!

  10. Thanks, that's one of the dies I keep thinking about. Love the stars, but I wonder what else you could make with it.

  11. I love the pattern and the material. Hope your hand keep on healing :D


  12. Thanks for the demo. Beautiful block!!

  13. Stumbled onto your blog and noticed you have a hand injury and using the Go. I have heard it is easy to turn and that it is hard, so still trying to learn more about it. I have a bad hand too and it is getting hard for me to cut with the rotary, so looking at the go.


  14. Great tutorial, Linda! Look at that left hand go! Can't wait to see the conclusion.

  15. Really pretty!!!
    You make it look so easy.

  16. SO pretty!! Thanks for sharing that die with us.

  17. Very cool. I like my GO and hope to use it more after Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Oh man, you have the blazing star one! I want to make that block so bad. And you have it. I got to win me a go!