Friday, April 29, 2011

And then there was darkness


there was darkness.

My mornings consist of rising early chatting with my bloggers and posting.

Sitting having two or more cups of java while I read all your lovely posts.Well after yesterdays post , a big ball of orange light came into the office.

My word what was that. DH looked outside and the tree accross from us had come down on the hydro lines and there was a big ball of flame.

...I forgot to mention that I was in the shower when all this was taking place.


You see my hair is natural curly. Without using the defuser I have the frizzies.

That should be the least of my problems. So for 6 hours we were in darkness.

The rains and the winds.. did I mention winds .. up to 90 clicks.

DH was on the phone right away Hydro explaining what happened.

We are in the country, so that means we have a sump pump. and with all that rain we have to make sure it does not leak into the basement. So DH kept a close eye on that sistuation. After 2 hrs and still no hydro DH got out the generator.

Plugged it into the sump pump.... hmmm, not working. Linda the sump pump is fried. OH NO !! So off DH goes to buy a new pump. He got that installed and then we waited. Horray ! here they are. I took some pictures of the men up the hoists just for you to seeThey arrive.....DONE..........

All fixed. Now for tea..

What a day that was.

until next time


Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Aching all over"

How was everyone's Easter. I hope it was an eventful one like ours.

We had all the children and grandchildren for a total of 22.

Menu...spiral ham, mashed potatoes, turnip, creamed cauliflower, corn and can't forget the baked beans. Dessert... Black Forest Cake, lemon tarts and creamy french vanilla icecream. Oh I forgot to mention a crock full of Veg. chilli. yes these large rolls that look like a mushroom. They are so delicious.

Well are your mouths watering yet. Sorry no leftovers... well maybe enough ham for pea soup.

Our gardens are late this year compared to last. Our forsythia is just starting to bud and the flowering almond is about the same as the forsthia. My tulips and daffodils and crocus and hyacinths are blooming tremendously. They have multiplied.

We have had so much rain lately. Yesterday I took advantage of a hot sunny morning knowing that later the thundershowers were in the forcast.

I weeded and dug and weeded the front bed. We get that awful grass that grows in the garden, so when you dig and shake off the soil you pull for the roots are so long they travel a long way underground. There is a name for that grass???!!!

If you know what I mean. I'm going to make sure I transplant as many plants into the front beds so that next year there will be no room for weeds or grass to grow. We will be starting soon to lay a new walkway in the front with tumbled interlocking brick. So all those plants will be moved to the other beds.

Well,as I sit here this morning the rains come down again and they are heavy. The thunder is in the background and poor Max our lab shudders. He does not take to thunder.

I'm kinda glad its raining, so I can leave the weeding for another day. We have ten perrenial beds to weed. I ache all over. If it was up to dh, he would sod all the gardens. No he does not have a green thumb. How many husbands out there are the same?

I was hoping to put in a veg garden this year, but the back is so wet it's going to be awhile for that to drain and dry. OMG!! more aching. maybe by then my poor body will have limbered up.

Hope you are having a great day!

until next time


Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Blessings

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

......have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to do on a Rainy day

Make some pillow covers.I just love graphic fairy. I printed off a cute french saying.I tried to copy right from the site onto some fabric but my copier jammed.

So off to the $ store and I found some clear acrylic that you would use to protect books etc.

I cut my fabric to 8x10 and cut my acrylic to 8x10.
I then used my printed copy and my fabric that is now stablized with the acrylic backing and copied the print on to my fabric.

I needed to add to the sides and top enough fabric for a 15 x 15 cushion.

I love ticking and I used that for my backing as well as piping.
Well it turned out great. This is going to my daughter. Must get the other one done to match. Here is the other one finished.
What are you doing on a rainy day?


Monday, April 18, 2011

A new journey

A New Journey. I have set up a new blog for decorating, antiquing and flea market finds. Please join me when you can . find me at It would be a pleasure if you followed. I am going to continue sewing so I'm not going anywhere. until next time, Linda

Friday, April 15, 2011

Changing up the Island, Move over Rooster, Bunny time

It's time to change things up. Move over Roo, Bunnys turn..Here is a closeup of MR. PEEPS I love these little Easter birds. They are so yummy. Sorry once Easter is over so are the peeps.

Last year I made the carrots
with my grandaughter over march break.
Take muslin and cut it on an angle. Stuff your carrot.. Don't forget to leave some fringe at the end . Tie a piece of muslin at the top to secure.
Now you are ready to paint. If you want to see our progress go to march 28 /09here. The carrot table runner was also very easy.
Are you ready for Easter?

until next time

Monday, April 11, 2011


Outside my door....

D I Y Day with Mod Podge

A Clip board,

D I Y Day with Mod Podge

Today I thought I would do some D I Y. So I pulled out my mod podge and went to work.

First I selected my clip art from here.

Then I printed it off and adhered it to my board.

I tarnished the edges to make it appear old.

Love how they turned out, a cute little sign with a french saying...

"A special one", is this one and this one here, from Molly Strong. Molly is a very talented artist. Come visit Molly here.

What have you worked on today?

until next time,


OH MY GOSH ! Has this ever happened to you...

Oh My Gosh! Has this ever happened to you.....

My dh and I decided we needed new feather pillows for our bed. So off I went to my favourite store, HOMESENSE.

I purchased two down filled Calvin Klein pillows.

We when we arrived home I had the great "not so great" idea to wash our old pillows. You know I thought they could be used in the spare bedroom. NOT

Anyhow, I proceeded to wash these pillows and when the cycle was done and I opened my washer HELP!!!! There were feathers everywhere. There must have been pounds of feathers. Some wet some not so. So I had this bright idea again to salvage my feathers. I put them in a laundry bag and hung them outside to dry.

In the meantime I had to vacuum my washer to get rid of the rest. For weeks now we are still vacuuming up feathers that have clung onto clothing that has come out of the washer and dryer.

So here comes the fun part. I decided to make a new pillow.

I printed out clip art HERE. and then transferred it to this fabric.

I had some muslin fabric in stock to finish up my look. Here it is completed.

So while I was stuffing this pillow case feathers were going everywhere. It was snowing in my house. I should have worn a mask, not realizing the dander that comes with feathers. But I finished and here is the crown pillow.
While I was in the pillow mode I made a new cover for this pillow.
I had a fabric swap with Ariane and I made the pillow cover using some of the fabric as well as using Muslin.
I am able to turn the pillow over and use the back side as well.

Sew you see I still sew....
until next time


Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's spring around our house.
The birds are singing and the sun has finally come out. The temps are rising.
Spring on my kitchen table. A nest
and eggs. See the birds in the background.
clip art here.
Yellow tulips
in an ironstone jug. I love using jugs instead of vases.
My white geranium
has made it through the winter and is now flowering. Isn't it beautiful.
I managed to save 15 geraniums over winter. I pull them from the garden, shake off the dirt, put them in a box, then put them in the darkest part of the basement. Then at this time of the year I take them back out, cut them down to the new growth and plant them into containers. I always find that amazing that they will go dormant and then start to grow without soil or water. .

until next time,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mini Bathroom Makeover "FINALE"

Mini Bathroom Makeover "Finale"
There was one wall left to complete this mini makeover. I decided to make my own shelf.
I used two garden box brackets (think outside the box) .
Added a piece of oak that I whitewashed, decided t0 paint it black... Placed my toiletries on the shelf. and added one cute little picture
I had this old frame and I whitewashed it as well and added this cute piece of clip art. You can find amazing clip art here . FREE
The before picture.
After. Just click on the pictures to enlarge them.
Well this completes my mini bathroom makeover.
I hope everyone has a super weekend,
until next time

Monday, April 4, 2011

mini bathroom makeover

Mini Bathroom makeover.

The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Muslin.
The trim is cloud white.
Here are some before shots.

Enter Our sink , toilet and tub surround are in gray, so I worked in the Lavender accentsI made this swag in toile fabric and lined it in muslin.We added the new shower rod that is round to give us more space. .I picked up this cute lavender and white plate while I was antiquing on Sat.Clip art found at Graphics Fairy .com..Loved the small garden artifact I added to the heather.I have some art or baskets yet to add to another wall. I'll find that another time we are out and about. ..
Just some tweaking is all it needed. Our laundry is in behind
these closed doors. That is one function that is so handy right next to the master suite.
Hope you enjoyed your stay, until next time