Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to do on a Rainy day

Make some pillow covers.I just love graphic fairy. I printed off a cute french saying.I tried to copy right from the site onto some fabric but my copier jammed.

So off to the $ store and I found some clear acrylic that you would use to protect books etc.

I cut my fabric to 8x10 and cut my acrylic to 8x10.
I then used my printed copy and my fabric that is now stablized with the acrylic backing and copied the print on to my fabric.

I needed to add to the sides and top enough fabric for a 15 x 15 cushion.

I love ticking and I used that for my backing as well as piping.
Well it turned out great. This is going to my daughter. Must get the other one done to match. Here is the other one finished.
What are you doing on a rainy day?



  1. I really like that, came out beautifully.
    How do you set the ink? I got printer fabric, but find it too stiff.


  2. Oh, what a great idea! I have some of that acrylic. Good thing it's packed or I might get sidetracked trying this out. Ah well, eventually I will!

  3. You are brilliant! That came out great.