Monday, April 11, 2011

OH MY GOSH ! Has this ever happened to you...

Oh My Gosh! Has this ever happened to you.....

My dh and I decided we needed new feather pillows for our bed. So off I went to my favourite store, HOMESENSE.

I purchased two down filled Calvin Klein pillows.

We when we arrived home I had the great "not so great" idea to wash our old pillows. You know I thought they could be used in the spare bedroom. NOT

Anyhow, I proceeded to wash these pillows and when the cycle was done and I opened my washer HELP!!!! There were feathers everywhere. There must have been pounds of feathers. Some wet some not so. So I had this bright idea again to salvage my feathers. I put them in a laundry bag and hung them outside to dry.

In the meantime I had to vacuum my washer to get rid of the rest. For weeks now we are still vacuuming up feathers that have clung onto clothing that has come out of the washer and dryer.

So here comes the fun part. I decided to make a new pillow.

I printed out clip art HERE. and then transferred it to this fabric.

I had some muslin fabric in stock to finish up my look. Here it is completed.

So while I was stuffing this pillow case feathers were going everywhere. It was snowing in my house. I should have worn a mask, not realizing the dander that comes with feathers. But I finished and here is the crown pillow.
While I was in the pillow mode I made a new cover for this pillow.
I had a fabric swap with Ariane and I made the pillow cover using some of the fabric as well as using Muslin.
I am able to turn the pillow over and use the back side as well.

Sew you see I still sew....
until next time



  1. LOL! I can just picture the feathers flying and then the clothes coming out of the washer with feathers attached. Your pillows turned out great. Thanks for an important lesson in what NOT to do.

  2. I can just see those feathers everywhere!! Your pillows turned out lovely though :-).

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you visit again soon.

  3. Wow! I'll bet that is frustrating picking feathers off your clothes after you wash them. Hope you've gotten them all out of there by now. Your pillow is very cute.

  4. Oh yikes!!! My grandmother did that in a laundromat and had feathers everywhere. Guess it was better there in a huge place than confined to a smaller area.

    The pillows look awesome now!

  5. I am adoring that pillow---the thought of feathers everywhere was making me smile:)

  6. Oh my!! I've never done that!! But it's only because I'm allergic to feathers! Otherwise I would definitely have done that too!! Lol!!! Your new pillows look wonderful!!

  7. LOL! Nope, I haven't done that one - yet! Thanks for sharing your misadventure and saving me from trying it myself! You did get beautiful pillows out of it, though!

  8. Love the pillows! I can't imagine feathers everywhere!! LOL

  9. LOL..the pillows look great and I am sure the house is back to normal That is something I would do and thank you for the warning..!!!
    Yippee today is supposed to be sunny..enjoy!!
    Judi B.