Friday, April 15, 2011

Changing up the Island, Move over Rooster, Bunny time

It's time to change things up. Move over Roo, Bunnys turn..Here is a closeup of MR. PEEPS I love these little Easter birds. They are so yummy. Sorry once Easter is over so are the peeps.

Last year I made the carrots
with my grandaughter over march break.
Take muslin and cut it on an angle. Stuff your carrot.. Don't forget to leave some fringe at the end . Tie a piece of muslin at the top to secure.
Now you are ready to paint. If you want to see our progress go to march 28 /09here. The carrot table runner was also very easy.
Are you ready for Easter?

until next time


  1. Such a CUTE arrangement you have for Easter!

  2. Cute decorations....Easter is almost here.

  3. Your Easter display is darling! I have seen those carrots made and then stuffed with jelly beans - so cute!

  4. Hi Linda,

    I love lavender colors, lavender flowers but mostly I love lavender therapeutic essential oil. Truly a gift from God. Your art is a real blessing. Keep at it, you are a natural.