Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Aching all over"

How was everyone's Easter. I hope it was an eventful one like ours.

We had all the children and grandchildren for a total of 22.

Menu...spiral ham, mashed potatoes, turnip, creamed cauliflower, corn and can't forget the baked beans. Dessert... Black Forest Cake, lemon tarts and creamy french vanilla icecream. Oh I forgot to mention a crock full of Veg. chilli. yes these large rolls that look like a mushroom. They are so delicious.

Well are your mouths watering yet. Sorry no leftovers... well maybe enough ham for pea soup.

Our gardens are late this year compared to last. Our forsythia is just starting to bud and the flowering almond is about the same as the forsthia. My tulips and daffodils and crocus and hyacinths are blooming tremendously. They have multiplied.

We have had so much rain lately. Yesterday I took advantage of a hot sunny morning knowing that later the thundershowers were in the forcast.

I weeded and dug and weeded the front bed. We get that awful grass that grows in the garden, so when you dig and shake off the soil you pull for the roots are so long they travel a long way underground. There is a name for that grass???!!!

If you know what I mean. I'm going to make sure I transplant as many plants into the front beds so that next year there will be no room for weeds or grass to grow. We will be starting soon to lay a new walkway in the front with tumbled interlocking brick. So all those plants will be moved to the other beds.

Well,as I sit here this morning the rains come down again and they are heavy. The thunder is in the background and poor Max our lab shudders. He does not take to thunder.

I'm kinda glad its raining, so I can leave the weeding for another day. We have ten perrenial beds to weed. I ache all over. If it was up to dh, he would sod all the gardens. No he does not have a green thumb. How many husbands out there are the same?

I was hoping to put in a veg garden this year, but the back is so wet it's going to be awhile for that to drain and dry. OMG!! more aching. maybe by then my poor body will have limbered up.

Hope you are having a great day!

until next time



  1. Good for you getting out and started on a garden..forget that here. The place is a mess!!! This rain has to stop at some point...doesn't it??lol I have so much to do I hate to think of it.
    We had a great Easter also with way to much food..but it was fun.
    Take care..and keep dry..JudiB.

  2. So much rain here ... which means no opportunity to get out and work in the yard. :-(

    Our golden retriever doesn't deal well with thunder, either. Poor things.