Friday, August 6, 2010

Off to buy a ruler

Have you ever tried to no avail in searching store after store for a certain notion.

Well I have done just that. I let my finger do the walking first. (phone calls) then I finally found it.

Lets start at the beginning...

I have decided to make a dresden quilt. I had been on loft creations blog and she had a great tutorial. Easy to follow and had a pattern to download of the ruler and circle.

Well I did just that and copied it on to card stock and then traced it on to mylar.

Then I started cutting. Low and behold I was cutting the mylar as well as the material.

So that did not work thus calling around to find a dresden ruler. I really did not think that would be so hard.

Well after many phone calls to stores as well as fellow quilters I found one at a store north of Orillia.

So about an hour drive north , resulted in an hour and a half. Did not know that the highway was under construction. We sat for over a half and hour. My dh as patient as can be made no comment. Well we finally made it to the store to find out... you guessed it THE WRONG RULER..

This was a dresden ruler, but it was made from mylar as well. WHY??? How is this going to stand up with repeated cutting.

And this ruler was $29.99.

I was not about to spend that amount on a mylar ruler. I wanted a good solid one.
Well the drive was not a complete loss. I purchased this christmas fabric to finsh a bag and this pack of black and white fqs.

I had dh drive to another store in Orillia, just maybe ...

NO LUCK!! DH says pull out the map from under your seat. Find another way home.

We arrived back home three and a half ours later and a half a tank of gas used. Well dh by this time was a little impatient to say the least.

Time to start calling friends at my quilters guild. Horray. Found one and picked it up and have already started cutting. I'm using my charms Prairie Paisley by Minick & Lauri Simpson.

Here is a sample of my cuttings. I think I will start with a table runner. Then move on to a quilt for my grandaughter . Her room is in blacks and whites , so I will probably use my new fabric.

I'm one of those, you know, get an idea in your head and have to start now...



  1. I hate it when that happens. A while back I wanted to start a new dresden quilt and couldn't find my ruler anywhere. So I went out and bought a new one. And wouldn't you know it...the moment I got home with that darn ruler I found the other one while looking for something else.

    I just love making dresden plates. I can't wait to see your's.

  2. Oh Linda what an adventure. I love Marti's template and rulers they are the best. Glad you finally found what you needed.
    Great fabric finds so the day was not a total
    Enjoy the cooler weather.

    Judi B.

  3. have had similar experiences when I wanted a particular ruler....look on the bright least you got to visit some shops...

  4. That is quite the story. But I know how it is when you want it you want it now...even though your's ended up being a day's event. Have fun making them!!

  5. So glad that your story had a happy ending to it. Thank God for friends and quilting friends at that. Where did your friend get her ruler? Did you get or order one for yourself? Sounds like you are going to need one in your own tool kit.

  6. Oh goodie! I can't wait to see your dresden plate. It's always been one of my favorite patterns. Glad you found your ruler.

  7. I tend to shop on line for such things. There are so many bits and bobs available these days that no shop could be expected to stock them all. Glad you found the ruler though and look forward to seeing your project progress. Ann :-)

  8. I heart that ruler and all things dresden. What a sweet and patient Mr. Lavender.