Friday, November 12, 2010

Wow ! Wasn't that a party!

Wow ! Wasn't that a party! I mean GIVEAWAY!!

I have been sitting here with my cup of java, enjoying all your blogs. So many talented quilters,
designers, stitchers.... so many to mention.
This picture really doesn't do me
What are you working on today.
Maybe cutting fabric, buying fabric (OH YEAH)
or maybe just enjoying this beautiful sunny day.
Well I raise my cup to you ..
Have a great day!!
until next time,


  1. I agree, it was a great giveaway party! <3

    Today I'm gonna sew up a bunch of projects, finish things up. And maybe later I'll go shop for more fabric...Gotta have plenty ready to cut when I get my GO! :D HEHE

  2. Today I'm going to quilt! I'm in the home stretch on hand quilting a queen-sized bed quilt for my DSIL and haven't been able to get much quilting done in the last couple of weeks. But today I'm going to have a hand quilting marathon! ha!

  3. I am working on Christmas presents and hoping I can finish them all in time. I am making hexagons too and cutting by hand is a bit slower, but until I get a cutter, I am still working the old fashioned way;)


  4. It's so fun to meet new bloggers from all over the world. So much creativity out there.

  5. Thanks, Linda, it's so nice to "meet" nice new people! BTW, I've used your "brag" quote-that's too cute!

  6. Yes you did a wonderful giveaway party! Happy for the lucky winner !! I am now just getting ready to sew some this evening!
    Hope to sew more tomorrow also!
    Enjoy your evening!

  7. That was a fun giveaway! The first I have tried! I am a new blogger and today I'm going to work on a new post and also try to complete a small quilt top :)

  8. well I missed the party but happy to find your blog now!
    LOVE that picture just made me LOL