Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday , where has this week gone

Hello fellow bloggers. Has your week been spent sewing, painting or have you been in the garden?

Well as you can see in the following pictures, all my time has been spent in the gardens. I still have two left to weed.
They say the early bird gets the worm.
I must take heed and get up early to start pulling, digging and transplanting before the morning heat. I don't know about all of you but we have had exceptional warm "NO HOT" days this past week. Last year our summer came and went without the number of hot days we have had this week alone.
So are you ready for the tour... lets begin.. Follow Fergus.
As you walk out of our patio doors off the kitchen you walk into this screened in porch. Off to the left are doors that close off the porch to keep out the bugs. (see Max) continuing around the room , here my August APQ has arrived. Can't wait to read up on all the new quilts.
Going down the stairs now on to the lower deck, (we installed this awning, well what a time we had. DH got one side up then the other side would fall.The air was blue, I started to laugh, not a good thing.) He has no sense of humour.
Now go on down the stairs and you will see my new rock garden and all those hostas that we transplanted. I love my little fish pond. My garden angel watches over.

Now over to the east side of the yard I have my dads old ladder as part of architecture. This ladder has to be at least 70 years old. As we continue to the other side here are some more hostas, black eyes susans, and ????

And as we end this tour here is where I found a home for my
old birdhouse. Right out front for everyone to see.Be sure to come back on Monday, I will be having another "GIVEAWAY"


  1. W0W what a difference a couple of weeks make. Looking beautiful!!

  2. Thanks for the tour. The old birdhouse looks great - it will probably be 'rented out' soon.

  3. Thanks Max and Fergus. The tour was great. Tell Linda she has a wonderful garden! Ann :-)