Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just downright gorgeous

Just downright gorgeous was todays weather. Bright and sunny and in the hi 70's. Don't you just love it.
Did I ever mention that I had an antique store and collectables many years ago.

Well if I did not that old quebec armoir that is a pantry in my kitchen, was once in my store.
As well a beautiful amish braided rug of many colours. This rug measured 11' x 9' feet.

When I closed my store I kept the rug as well as the armoir.

I kept the rug in the basement so the grandkids had somewhere to play. Our basement at the other house was not finished.. Every other home we lived in my dh finished the basement. But not this one. He said that we were empty nesters and that our family room(great room) was on the main floor so we did not need a rec room. I don't think that he thought of our grandkids playing down there. So wrong.

Anyway, the rug took some beating, not in a bad way but the stitching needed repair.

So today we rolled out the carpet on our driveway and I proceeded to sew. Two and ahalf hours later I finally finished.
We have decided to sell this old rug, as I mentioned in a previous post.

Rather than selling it ourselves as I also mentioned we took it back up to the antique store. My dh and the proprietor hung that old rug. I'm going to miss it. Many memories.

But think of the bright side, I'm going to be in the money. Next weekend being our long weekend she gets plenty of traffic and someone may see this for their cottage.

When we returned, I pulled out the sideboard and buffet and started sanding.

Dh took over , my hands were killing me from all the sewing.

Now that it is all sanded tomorrow I will stain, then sand, then paint and maybe by Wednesday I will be done.

How was your weekend?



  1. I'm sure you beautiful rug will go to a good home - someone will love it as much as you and yours did. The pantry is fabulous!

  2. They are lovely. I hope you make a good sale. Ann :-)

  3. I hope that rug finds a great home - it's beautiful. And so is the armoir. It makes a wonderful pantry.

  4. Oh I love your armoir. There are some pc's that we know better than to Hope your rug finds a good home. Great colors!!
    Anther great day out there and more to come. Enjoy!!
    P.S...drop in next time you up this way..I am still painting..UGH!!

    Judi B.