Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Finally the reveal.

Well remember this sideboard and hutch I purchased last week.

I started on Sunday afternoon and sanded , Monday morning I stained and in the afternoon I gave it its first coast of paint.
Bright and early yeterday morning I gave it a final coat then proceeded to rub it to give it some appeal. Well I think it turned out great.I picked up the hardware for it today at our local Rona Cashway building and Supplies.

The paint colour is Beautitone, #1475 off white.

A lot of hard work and time went into this project. The next one I will spray paint.
My dh will have to put up a tent and then put me in a white suit ,
give me a breathing apparatis,then let me loose.

So whats next you say, well I'm still on the hunt for a harvest table and chairs
that I can do my handiwork to.



  1. Oh gosh..what a find...the natural wood color would have fit wonderfully in my home...I have a similiar piece.

  2. You did an absolutely lovely job. Such an improvement. Looks like you purchased out of an expensive furniture catalog. Congratulations on a great treasure.

  3. I love how it turned out! It doesn't even look like the same hutch anymore.

  4. Great job, Linda. It looks very cottage-y.

  5. What a wonderful transformation. You would never know they were the same pieces!

  6. Hi Linda,
    What a great job, it looks great and will look nice with your kitchen cabinets.

  7. Linda, all the hard work was worth it! The oversized hardware really needed to go, love the new replacements. Excellent job.

  8. Hi! Found you thru another bolg! Lavender..ach my husbands from Scotland land of lovliness and lavender! Lovely blog you have. Come and say hi to my blog! ox

  9. Hi Linda, thanks for your kind words this morning. Your right! We make our house a home...This hutch turned out wonderful!! What an amazing transformation! Have a great week! Kristen

  10. You did a wonderful job! I love it!

  11. Love your blog and reading about the
    transformation of your hutch! It is beautiful.
    I know how much work it is, as I attempted the
    same thing a few years ago.

    Flora Doora

  12. Love how it turned out. I'm on the lookout for a vintage buffet and hutch too, for our kitchen. I plan to store all my baking things on it.