Saturday, July 10, 2010

around the house

Once again a beautiful morning. The humidity is finally out of the air. Lets take a stroll around the house and see whats new. ( Everything that has been coming up is new to me since we just moved in last November)

Wow look at the size of these Daisys. I think I will cut some and put them in this old tea pot. Don't they look cute?

Just behind the daisys you will see a clematis (jakeoman) climbing up the tv tower. I happened to go behind the tower and low and behold there was this clematis laying on the ground and nowhere to climb. I guess at one time there was a arbour???

Now lets go around to the front of the house and see our new door and storm door. Our old door was solid and orange if you recall, and there was no storm door. I love to have light come in as well as to be able to have air. Our new storm door has a screen at the top that rolls back into the top when you close the window. Its great for the dogs so they can't rip the screen.
Just a beautiful hanging planter on the garage and look at the size of my musk mellows. They are across the front. Every year there will be more since the seeds blow everywhere.

Our ditches are too deep to cut so I let the wild flowers floorish. I picked up this banner the other day just to see the reaction of my neighbor. She wanted to come by and help me clean out my ditch. The nerve....
Off to the side yard we have these wild flowers. They fill in the space nicely.
Is this not a great show of hosta. I can't wait to see what blooms in behind.
And lastly are these flowers that are blooming behind my rose bushes. Any Idea what they are??

I hope you enjoy your day.



  1. Linda, your gardens look lovely and it must be fun watching for surprises. Love your 'new sign', guess your 'ditch garden' is being a bit bothersome to your neighbour, LOL. I think
    you may have a Spiraea bush growing behind your roses. Having a busy weekend here too now that the heatwave is over - lots of garden work to catch up on. Be well.

  2. LINDA, nice flowers....I love flowers but I don't care for weeding so I am going to replace some of my flowers with shrubs...that will make my life easier. Dianntha

  3. Your garden is lovely Linda - so many pretty blooms. I really like that you have let the ditch go wild - great for the native bugs, birds and other creatures. That's a great sign too! Ann :-)

  4. Hi Linda,
    loved the post and the sign is just great!
    At first sight, I thought the mystery flowers were Lantana but now I'm not sure. They are really pretty and the Daisies are just the best flower ever. Just like Meg Ryan said, they are definitely the "friendly flower."

    Deanna :D

  5. Like Diane said in her comment, the last plant you shared a picture of is called spirea. Your yard is so pretty! I'm glad I stopped by your blog for a visit.

  6. What a beautiful garden!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Flora Doora

  7. Nice photos of your pretty flowers. Thank you for sharing, my dear.
    Happy Quilting!

  8. What great flowers. How exciting to see everything that is new for you. I don't know musk mellows, but they are really neat...great to have them spread on their own.

  9. what pretty pictures! It looks like the daisy "Becky". They are in full bloom here too and I love them. Such simple flowers and yet so pretty.
    Enjoy your garden,
    God bless, Evi