Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whats new??????

Guesss what I purchased??? A Netbook. I'm blogging as we speak. Now we both have our own computers .. Now I can sew and watch my favorite shows, blogs, etc.....

I would like to share my hyacinth with you. I planted these bulbs one month ago and kept them in darkness. Only watering once a week. Well I brought them out about one week ago and are they not gorgeous.

Well I decided since we were painting the new sewing room why not paint all my furniture the same. Creamy white. (before the finished coat) So two coats and sanding later here is the ongoing progress.
See the red armoire in the corner of our great room,(our old home)This is the before... this housed our tv, well now it will house my fabric. Here it is finished........The legs on this harvest table were teal/red. One coat of creamy white , sand, and another coat to go. The saga continues..........


  1. Great paint job....cabinet looks so different. I LOVE the of my favorite Spring flowers. I wonder if our local nursery has the bulbs at this time....I want to try that one! I love their fragrance.

  2. Your hyacinths are lovely and their fragrance is exquisite. White makes everything look fresh and lets you add accents of colour with soft furnishings and decorative pieces. It's all coming along nicely. Ann :-)

  3. Hyacinths are beautiful and fragrant.
    We have lavender in common and it too has such a wonderful scent. I have started the majority of mine ('Munstead') from seed purchased at Richters.
    I'm wondering what variety you grow?

  4. All the work is paying off. Dianntha

  5. Nice paint job...the white furniture is so clean looking. Have fun getting all the fabric back!