Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sewing room/studio con'td

Well we are seeing the finish. Three weeks of construction.
My painting of the table and armoire are done. Still need to paint my chair to match.
While I was out the other day I purchased this ,on Sale at Cdn Tire for (9.99)
Why not use it for this.
My threads were so tangled in my box that I threw half of them out. So they now are in their own compartment free of tangles.
Its no fun to embroider when you have to untangle all the time.

When we were out last week we went to Home Depot, Lowes, Cdn tire, and Rona Cashway looking for a light for my room.
Can you believe that we had to go to so many before I found what I was looking for.
We found this light waiting for us at Eldon Lighting.
It reminded me a little of industrial.
I hope to have my room comepletely done by this weekend.

Then to finish some of those quilts I started last fall........


  1. It pays to be organized. I have my threads in boxes I found the tool section of WalMart for $5 each. They sell the same boxes at JoAnn's for double that.

    I have another organizer like your's that I keep my beads, buttons, and other little things in. I like your's better. It has those larger drawers which are really nice.

  2. Great boxes and you will the perfect organized quilting room.

  3. wow, you have done a lot or work.. looking forward in seeing the finished room...

  4. That is a great cabinet...can't wait to see the finished room.

  5. Can't wait for the reveal!

    Ask you DH what's taking him so long? *wink*

    On second thought, maybe you shouldn't. I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous when you're both done adding your final touches.

  6. Fantastic storage for your threads! Ann :-)