Friday, February 12, 2010


My dh has worked so hard these past three weeks making this beautiful studio.
Remember when.... ........
pulling up carpet, removing old shelves...............
then in went the wood floor. Two coats of paint on the walls and trim, new paint on the armoire and table ...
"Whoo Hoo" its done.

Please enter...............
Here is where I will be sewing and designing my patterns for rug hooking, quilts and embroidery.
My dvd player is waiting for me to watch sex in the city (pun), and my netbook is on to my fellow bloggers.
Around the room you will see my cutting table and the great shelf that extends across the wall. Great for holding my books. My rug (down on the farm) is to be hung beside the window.
To the left my grace quilting frame.
Dh hung one of my quilting shelves so I can change it up season to season. Behind this is a storage closet.
I just finished my new bulletin board,
and covered my ironing board to match. This ironing board was my Moms. As you can see it has the wooden frame.

To other other side of the room, my armoire that holds all my fabrics, cottons and wools.My dh also made me this cupboard that holds my ribbon, steam a seam and freezer paper. At the top I can display my magazines as well as use the cork to hold my current pattern. He is so talented.
Thank you dh you are tooo sweet.

I hope you enjoyed your tour.

Come again............


  1. Oh Linda..I love your room/studio. Sure worth waiting for. Bet your excited to get in there and have some fun.
    I missed Guild "again". Life keeps interupting my play time.
    Take care and enjoy. No painting for awhile I
    Judi B.

  2. Beautiful room I am sure you will love creating some great projects in your new studio.

  3. Wow-what a haven-Enjoy. I am sooo jealous!
    Love it all:)
    have a great weekend, Shazy x

  4. What a wonderful redo. Organization makes playing so much more fun. I wish it was mine.

  5. Simply awesome, Linda. You both did a wonderful job.

    I hope that you enjoy many pleasant and creative hours in your new space.

  6. Wow Linda, this is a really great room... thank you for inviting me to peek in... love it.....happy stitching and creating...

  7. That's a fantastic cupboard made by DH! I wish I had room for one like it. Your sewing space looks wonderful Linda and well worth all the work to set it up. Congratulations, Ann :-)

  8. Love a fresh redo! Now inspiration for so many wonderful quilts will flow right? It is lovely!!

  9. Wow, what a great place to be creative! I love it!

  10. Looks wonderful! I love the little cabinet.

  11. Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.............................................

  12. I am having serious sewing room is so comfortable looking I think I would just live in it!

  13. Wow, you have a lovely sewing room! I would love to have that space, with such nice furniture too. You must really feel good there!

  14. What a beautiful room to inspire you!