Saturday, January 31, 2009

workshop Crazy Log Cabin

As you know I cut 12 1/2" blocks from 8 different fabrics for a total of 24 blocks.
(1) stack 3 piles of 8. first pile cut according to diagram. Then label 1-6. see pictures.
(2) take one peice of 1 and put it on the bottom
(3) take # 2 piece and put 2 on the bototm and so on till you reach #6. all #6 should be labelled.
(4) sew 5 to 6, total of 8 pieces. put back on the table in same order aft er pressing seam toward 5.
(5) sew #4 to 5, total of 8 pieces chain stitching. keep in same order with pressing seam towards #4. continue 3 on 4 , 2 on 3, 1 on 2.
(6) you can clean up your tails at the end.
(7) continue doing the same with the other piles of 8 fabric. You now have 24 blocks.
(8) Measure all completed blocks and trim to 10 1/2 ". Put your blocks together 4 to a row times 6 rows. Trying not to have two pieces of the same fabric touching.
(9) You may now add your borders . One inner and one outer.
I have not gotten that far but when I do I will post the finished quilt. Happy Cutting

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  1. Your quilt is going to be beautiful.. I haven't quilted in a few years.. I must get my blocks out and finish them up. Thanks for swinginb by the suitcase full of vintage items. I'm sure you miss the days fof owning your own business. I'm hoping to hang on long enough to retire. I look forward to visiting with you more often. I'm glad you got your pictures all figured out.. hugs ~lynne~