Thursday, December 10, 2009

welcome to our new home

Welcome to our new home. I hope you enjoy your visit. Stay as long as you want. Our door is always open.

Here is a before picture of the entrance in green.

After the painter finished

Now decorated for christmas.

Our family room before and after.

Here is a view of our screened in porch. Can't wait till summer to decorate it.
Our pantry decorated for christmas.
The kitchen is all painted, but we still have to purchase our island and our new harvest table and chairs. The basket on the left is a authentic potatoe basket. I have turned the opening so that fergus won't steal the potatoes.

Our bedroom before we painted. and here is the after.

We had our set made a few years back and I love my dressing table.

Here is our guest room before and after. Its already for our christmas guests to arrive. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

until next time.....


  1. Glad you are getting settled. It is fun (and a lot of work) to have "befores and afters". Yours look great.

  2. Wow!! How much work have you done!! And getting visitors as well!! I'm in awe, Linda
    Rainbow smiles... Gloria

  3. It's just delightful! You have really transformed it with your beautiful decorating touches. Ann :-)