Wednesday, February 9, 2011

passing the time

Passing the time...
Well what have I been up to. I must have too much time on my hands.
I drew out this replica of my singer featherweight on some fabric.
Then I proceeded to add a small quilt. After that I coloured it using my crayola crayons.
Then set the picture with a hot iron and freezer paper.

I thought I would frame it .
Do you think there is a little resemblance?

I have also been busy putting together a baby quilt for my new greatgrandaughter due in June. I know I'm a little ahead of myself but this way If I'm not satisfied with how it turns out then there is plenty of time to make another.
What have you been up to???

Some good news, today was my last day at physio for my wrist. It's been a long process since I broke it Aug 31. My wrist is 80% as good as the other wrist. I see my specialist on Monday.

Stay healthy, happy and warm.

until next time,


  1. Love the drawing ans yes it looks like your machine! Good luck with the baby quilt and I don't think you are ahead of yourself at all with it. Gives you lots of time to work on other projects.

  2. Your little picture is lovely work of art. Can't wait to see the baby quilt and bet your glad to be done with physio - now be careful!

  3. Great replica.. what a talent you have. I'm glad to hear your wrist is improving. Stay warm... hugs ~lynne~

  4. I think it looks fantastic. That crayon drawing on fabric is a wonderful idea.

    What to to make a new baby quilt...and to know the sex. We just had a new one that I need to get a quilt made for.

    Glad the wrist is getting along. That is a long time to be without full use of it.

  5. I love the picture you did! A very original idea and artwork! Will you be hanging it in your sewing room? I have been organizing a 'signature' block swap. Had the bright idea how neat it would be to get a lot of blogging friends involved and then we could all make a little lap quilt. Well hopefully... :)

    Hope all goes well with the specialist on Monday!

    Take Care,
    Debbie K

  6. You did a fine job of recreating your featherweight!

  7. I think it looks like the original too. Wish I had know how to quilt when my grandkids had been born. Glad your wrist is getting better. Good luck on Monday.

  8. Oh Linda you did a wonderful job on your project..and yes it does look like your machine. What a great idea!!!
    Good to hear your therapy is over, it sure is time consuming but it has made the world of difference for you.
    Enjoy making the quilt.
    Judi B.(who is very tired of all this wind!!)

  9. That picture is did good!!

  10. What a great job with the drawing, it sure was a teriffic idea.

  11. Love it Linda :) I'm glad your wrist is doing well.

  12. Hi Linda, that drawing is terrific. Good to know that your wrist is improving, my sister had a fall leaving work last year (her first day back after holidays)- she broke her left wrist and right ankle, still having lots of problems! Sandy. :)

  13. Lovely pic and so glad that your wrist is better.

  14. I love it Linda! And I agree with Quiltin' Sandy that I am glad your wrist has improved.

    Deanna :D

  15. Love the art work. I love my machine that is her twin. Glad you're doing better.