Friday, August 5, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Can you believe that we are now in August.
Where does the time go?

Well my garden has exploded with all the heat that we have been getting and the rain.
They are haying in the back fields. Thought I would take some pics, these were taken from my kitchen window. As well, can you see the cucumber hiding under the leaves. My tomatoes are slowly turning red and I have just picked a batch of cherry tomatoes. Don't they look yummy? Can you see the yellow pumpkin hiding under its leaves. These pumpkins are to grow to 100 lbs. Can't wait to see this happen. We have an abundance of zuccini . I have picked 45 so far. I only planted 2 plants.
My grandaughter here is watering the garden at its early stage. See the difference.
Well its much to hot to be weeding today so lets go to my sewing studio and see where I'm at with the bow tie quilt along.
I am finished with the squares so now on to designing my quilt. Here it is on my design wall and a few sewn together.
Have a wonderful weekend.
until next time,

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  1. What a lovely garden! Hubby has started bringing home squash from the office. I need to find a few good recipes.

  2. What a beautiful view you have from your kitchen window! Your vegetables look wonderful, we have picked 4 beef steak tomatoes and a hanfull of cherry tomatoes. Along with at least a dozen cucumbers from two plants and many more will be ready soon. (plan on making sun dills next year).
    Your quilt is gorgeous! What an inspiring and amazing talent you have!

  3. There is nothing like a wonderful, producing garden. The view of the haying is so calming and beautiful.

  4. bow ties are exploding all over the quilty blogs~love them! i cannot believe how different your yard looks than mine. we live in arizona. where it's almost close to impossible to even grow grass LOL. hugs!

  5. Hi Linda. It is so nice to meet you and so sweet of you to stop by my blog. You live in a beautiful place. Your garden is amazing.
    Love your bow tie quilt (blue and white being my favorite) I will follow you too and look forward to reading some of your past blogs. Saw a picture of blue and white dishes. Must go see that too.