Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gone!! but not for long

Well I have been buried in boxes. Packing and packing. We have been here for 17 yrs and sure have accumulated alot. We are hoarders. Does that sound familiar.

Should we keep it?? Or toss it?? Or sell it?? Do the kids want it?? I'm not sure if I will decorate country still or a little bit of country and shabby chic.

I want to buy new for our kitchen, but we have had this beautiful oak antique table and pressed back chairs forever.
I would love to buy an antique havest table and windsor black chairs. I know what I want but finding them, might be challenge.

We are off today with a painter for some quotes, and then off to some furniture stores to look at outfitting our living room. Leather?? cloth??
We now have Kroehler furniture that is in excellent condition, but I have had this for 23 yrs. You know, the kind of furniture that you only use on special occasions. Out tables are all cherry as wel as the china/bookcase/bar unit.

The kids want me to keep it. They say it is us.

Change I guess... is hard. Keep it all I say, it can go in the family room. But DH says white..... It will be dirty in no time. Oh Well!!

Lets still buy new......

Until next time.........


  1. Oh Linda, we did this last year,,,moved provinces and well, few yard sales later, and then bought new stuff after 33 yrs finally bought lots of new but, like you decisions what style,,was fun fun fun,,,but now loving the choices my sister and myself picked out... sooooo,,, I really can relate... it will all be fantastic in the end.. enjoy , and looking forward for great pics and post in the near futur...happy fall..

  2. Linda, I will be thinking of you...good luck with the move and you will make the right decisions.

  3. There are so mnay things to do and decisions to make. Go with your instincts. After all you have to live with it - not the kids. Ann :)

  4. Glad to see you're posting again....was wondering how everything was going!
    Change is hard and getting rid of is harder...been there, done that! Have fun decorating in your new place!