Monday, November 16, 2009

keys to house

Friday the 13th, is when we got the keys to our new home.

Saturday started at 10 am with the steam cleaners coming and cleaning all the berber carpet in the finished basement. \
He continued on to our home and cleaned our couches and chairs and ottoman.
Then we were off to our grandsons 1st Birthday at our daughters home.
Alex was overwelmed with all the 33 guests and sat in awe while we were all in sinc singing happy birthday. Oh what a lucky little fellow to receive so many lovely gifts.

Then sunday came quite early as our son, son/inlaw and our good friend helped dear dh load up the 24ft trailer and two trucks. Off to our new home.
My daughter and our friend helped me in the kitchen cleaning , frig/stove/microwave,dishwasher know the usual...

After a rather busy day, we called it quits. We have 2 wks to move so lets not get ahead of ourselves. We sat around sharing our aches and pains. Oh do we feel old.... That night I took a foot cramp, oh did that ever hurt. DH complained on a sore back, our son who is 40 said he felt like 80, and our son in law and friend also felt the same...

Today is a new day. Off to the new home to complete the cleaning before the painter arrives...
Did I mention we met our new neighbours, they happen to be 90 years young... And they were out raking leaves from their ditch. And we complain about our aches and pains, tish,tish...

We plan on moving one room at a time....until we speak to the painter and he tells us that he will be there until friday... Well that puts a twist on things. ...... You can plan all you want but nothing ever goes to plan.
So at least I washed down all the bedroom windows and cleaned the other rooms so now we just sit back and wait. Dh worked on his garage, set up shop, moved one of the old (1949) ford p/u's.
Tomorrow the computer room gets set up, as part of our plan....
and maybe just maybe we can move over my sewing room.
I have taken before pics and I will post them as soon as the after pics are done.
until then...........


  1. It sounds so exciting!!! Cant wait to see the pictures. Dianntha

  2. I'm tired just reading your post!! We have been in our current home for 31 years...can't even imagine getting all of this boxed up or sold! Whew!
    Have fun decorating!

  3. We moved a couple years ago, after 23 years or so in the same house. It was torture! I think it took us a good month to move. I can't tell you how many boxes my sewing room took, but it was embarrassing! Then I fell off a ladder and sprained my wrist! Take your time, be safe!

  4. Wow, Linda, I certainly don't envy you. But you have a week to do it in so perhaps that will "lighten the load" a little...pardon the pun. Take your time and I know that's easier said than done. Can't wait to see your new digs!

  5. Where are you Linda????? How is the house moving going???? Can't wait to see those pics!! Rainbow smiles... Gloria