Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"at the spa"

Hello, My name is Fergus. I am a Westie..
My master has just brought me back from a day at the spa.
My coat had become too long and bushy. My ears and feet were needing a manicure and cleaning. My groomer said that I was a good boy.

I sure enjoyed meeting all my furry friends, except on my return I was a little upset with Max for leaving me and staying behind. We are inseparable.You must admit I sure am a handsome guy......


  1. I truly enjoyed visiting your blog and I love lavender too. Fergus and Max are great too. I am new to the blog world so I am still exploring ... and a little shy about sharing. But am very glad to meet you.

  2. I have two westies, Shamrock and Watson. I must say they are handsome. Fergus has inspired me to get my two groomed. Maybe it will help spring come along a little sooner if they look their best. PattiO

  3. I'd take you home in a heartbeat! Ann :-)

  4. I love your Westie, darling. Pets are wonderful. Beverly in Missouri