Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY...........

Rainy day tuesdays, wasn't that a song? I'm tired of all this rain. We need the sun.
We need the heat. Summer is just about over. Come August the nights start getting cooler.
In between the showers or downpours I took these pics of my flowers. I love the musk mellow plant. Its a pale lavender.
When were down in PEI a few years back these plants grew wildly in the ditches. When we got home I went to the nursery and had to have some. They come up every year and you never know where they will appear. I don't weed my garden because we have so many perennials that come up year after year. This year though, we do need to thin things out a little. My roses are blooming,the peonies are just about finished, the lavender are still very light in colour, not yet ready to harvest. The painted daisys are so vibrant. My day lillies are flowering. Do you see the little visitor. A dragon fly. If you look closer you will see that it is attached to my obelisk. Its a fake......
Here is my little pond with goldfish and water plants. My little oasis. I love the sound of running water. Its sooo soothing.

Since it was a rainy day we set out to visit my daughter in law to wish her a Happy Birthday. Her birthday is on the 9th and I will be away. My grandaughter who is two was playing in her sandbox which was on legs and my grandson who is only 12 and 5'8" tall was kicking around a soccer ball. The pool was to cool to go in. My other grandaughter was away at art camp. Sorry I missed seeing her. So we took advantage of going to the city and went to Michaels. Yes Michaels the overpriced store for some charms. When we got home I set staight to my studio and made this Scissor Fob. I only had one lobster claw clasp so back to the store another day. While I was at the checkout counter the sales person gave me a 50% off coupon for next week. Now what do I need at 50% off. NO MORE SHOPPING ......

I had also been busy making a PIF and finished this little tabletopper. It's 25" x 25".
Until next time.....


  1. I smiled over the mallows growing in the ditches on P.E.I. as I dug some up from the ditch several years ago and I have dug out hundreds of seedlings since-pretty but so prolific in our garden. I do love it in bouquets though and it lasts a long time.

  2. Such charming flowers and I adoer yoour dragonfly. That's a sweet little quilt too.

    Ann :)

  3. Hello. I totally agree with you about the rain. I am sick of it myself. Summer is half way over here, and it feels like it has barely begun. If we don't get some more sunshine soon, this winter is going to seem really, really long. Blessings and sunshine to you!

  4. Pretty flowers! My garden doesn't mind the rain and cooler tempatures, but I would like to see a little more sun. Just a little. :)

    Sweet table topper!