Monday, July 6, 2009

STOP SHOPPING.............................

It was such a beautiful day on Sunday out came the old trucks and away we went to our favourite antique mall. Here I found this cute jug (a alfred meakin) tintern in red and white. I collect ironstone jugs, but this one caught my eye.
Then we travelled to another favourite spot a flea market and look at what I picked up for a song. 4 Gal crock with lid and this Canada Goose from Kennebunk Maine. Its inscribed by S. Webb dated 02. I know its not an antique but it will look great on a large harvest table.
I also picked up this cute cloche at a local florist. So DH said no more shopping, remember we are moving. Yeh Yeh....

So now its time to prepare dinner. Pineapple chicken sounds great. I cut up the chicken in cubes and roll in a light dusting of powder. Now to get out my electric Wok. Pour in a smalll amount of extra virgin olive oil and brown the cubes of chicken. Then I add pineapple sauce and a smidge of ginger. To that a small amount of soy sauce and now add fresh cubes of pineapple. Time to start the basmati rice. I use a rice cooker. To the water I add chicken power and 2 cups of rice. On goes the rice cooker for 20 minutes. That should do it. I remove the rice into a bowl to cool. In a saucepan I add eoo and green onion, celery, shaved cabbage , and one egg to scramble. Lastly goes in the rice and brown. Add a little soy to tatse and wa lah veg fied rice. I think I will add broccoli to the steamer. That should do it. For a light dessert I will cut up some seedless watermelon. Must go now... My tastebuds are watering. Until next time..


  1. I NEED, WANT, LOVE and will TRADE my FIRST BORN for that Meakin pitcher! LOL It's a beauty for sure, Linda. Tell your DH that I'll take it off his hands and it'll be one less thing to move.

    And what time is dinner being served? I'll be right over! (wink)

  2. What a the new jug. Red my favorite colour. Wish I had more room. I am trying to be So many great antique shops!!
    Good luck with your move. Don't envy you that.
    I also live in the Kawarthas and joined the Guild last fall. Hope to meet you in Sept.
    Great blog..Judi B.

  3. I have been looking for one of those pitchers everywhere - I found a blue and white one and a brown and white one but no luck with red and white yet.Lucky you!


  4. Oh wow, that sounds yummy!!
    Love your flea market finds...especially the pitcher.
    Today is our 41st anniversary!

  5. Sounds like you had a fun shopping day. Love the jug too. We all want one LOL.
    Hope your meal was as good as it sounds.

  6. It's impossible to pass up such good buys. Dinner and dessert looks delicious. Ann :)

  7. I feel your pain when it comes to shopping. We are also about to move, and I know I shouldn't be buying more stuff. I just keep finding bargains though. How can a girl pass up a bargain. My husband really doesn't understand though.

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